Chalonda Jenkins – Age, Family, Bio and Facts

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Chalonda Jenkins is an American condemned crook first-class stated for her dating the American serial killer Nikko Jenkins. 

She has been carefully related to her ex-husband’s crimes.

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In 2013, her ex-husband was worried about a killing spree; even though she turned into a suspect in a number of his crimes, she changed by no means locked for them. Her non-public involvement with a criminal offense isn’t unknown, as she has served in correctional centers considering that at an in advance age.

Chalonda Jenkins Married right into a circle of relatives Of Convicted Criminals

The Jenkins is recognized as an own family of criminals going back generations. Over 30 contributors of their prolonged families were sentenced for one-of-a-kind crimes.

Accused killer's wife says God Ophosis gives him orders - YouTube

The instantaneous Jenkins own family has long gone down. Its patriarch, David Magee, died a few years returned, having been charged with murder. Lori Jenkins became involved in her son’s spree killing; Erica and Melonie Jenkins have each been convicted and are serving time.

Chalonda Jenkins Married to Nikko Jenkins In prison

In February 2010, Chalonda and Nikko Jenkins tied the knots while each was imprisoned in the Tecumseh country prison.

That marriage was doomed, searching at their records of crime. the marriage resulted in divorce in 2017, and the couple has most effectively ever spent 4 weeks as a couple outdoor of prison.

Chalonda Jenkins Gave beginning To every other guy’s infant at the same time as Being Married to Nikko Jenkins

An unnamed guy filed a document for a toddler guide to be paid for infant support. they’d the kid together with Chalonda at the same time as she turned into still married to Nikko Jenkins.

The man has full custody of the stated infant whilst Chalonda has been absent in his life.

Chalonda Jenkins Has Been To prison 3 times 

For a female who has been to jail severally on various charges, it is able to be safe to mention she is used to staying there.

Being worried about a criminal offense circle of relatives along with the Jenkins adds greater drama to a turbulent existence. In 2013, she was sentenced to one year in jail for being an accomplice in the nonfatal capturing of a few human beings via Nikko Jenkins.

Chalonda Jenkins And Nikko Jenkins Have lots of factors In commonplace

You will help however see from their photographs their similarity with Nikko Jenkins when it comes to their facial writings and drawings.

They appear to be enthusiasts of facial drawings other than other similarities their percentage is not unusual, with the maximum apparent being a crime.

Chalonda Jenkins ex-husband Had a past Of Self Mutilation

Ex-husband Nikko Jenkins killed four humans as a sacrifice to the Egyptian serpent god Apophis as a shape of worship. While in prison, he has mutilated unique components of his frame like his pe**s, tongue, and brow.

He tried reducing his genitals and tongue to seem like a serpent however did a terrible activity of it and ended up with multiple stitches.

Chalonda Jenkins caught With Brass Knuckles

A former lady friend of her infant daddy made a miserable name to the police. She desired a safety order taken on an outsider who tried to bridge her rental. While the female made the misery call, her descriptions in shape Chalonda Jenkins.

She turned later determined in a vehicle parked close by; she gave the incorrect info whilst requesting for her name. Investigators on the scene observed her married call on the registration paper inside the automobile, a cup with a bottle of tequila, and brass knuckles internal her pockets.

Having brass knuckles was seen as negative in regards to her recent strolling with the regulation and her criminal records, and the decision sentenced her to jail.

Chalonda Jenkins Blamed the system as answerable for 4 cold Murders

In 2013, the convicted felon sat down with an anchor for an interview to talk about her ex-husband Nikko Jenkins. She said her ex-associate informed her that he became managed by using the Egyptian god Apophis. She had requested they decide no longer to let him out because he becomes no longer prepared to go into society, however, they did now not listen.

She said her pleas to have Nikko get intellectual assistance were time and again left out. The device turned into in part chargeable for the four cold murders he devoted in August 2013. the whole thing might now not have taken place if Nikko had continued to stay in prison and acquired the mental help he needed.

Nikko Jenkins threatened Chalonda Jenkins 

Nikko had threatened to kill Chalonda Jenkins, of which she laid a police file that brought about his arrest. at some point of interrogation, Nikko admitted to the four murders no longer related to the hazard towards Chalonda.

Chalonda Jenkins was Suspected of Accompanying Nikko in his 2013 homicide Spree 

She becomes puzzled approximately accompanying Nikko in his 2013 homicide spree, which becomes the most effective 4 weeks they have been together out of doors jail walls. He killed Jorge Cajiga-Ruiz, Juan Uribe-Pena, Curtis Bradford, and Andrea Kruger between the eleventh of August 2013 and the twenty-first of August 2013 after being released from prison for felons he committed as a youngster. He became also assisted by his sisters, mom Lori, uncle, and cousin Christine Bordeaux to dedicate the crimes. 

Chalonda Jenkins now

The convict finished her one-yr sentence at the Nebraska ladies’ Correctional Facility in York. As of 2022, she is an unfastened Omaha citizen. It’s far doubtful what she has been as much as due to the fact her launch, and he or she has not been within the information for breaking the regulation. Chalonda Jenkins from Omaha has had troubled adulthood. 

Due to the fact her dating the infamous Jenkins own family, she has positioned herself on the wrong facet of the regulation in multiple instances. She has also not been the fine mother to her most effective son. optimistically, her current prison sentence supported her change for the better man or woman.


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