How To Recreate Iconic Celebrity Hairstyles: Ariana Grande’s Gravity-Defying Ponytail

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If you cannot stop swooning while scrolling through your Instagram feeds featuring your favorite celebrities and their beautiful locks, know that you are not alone. Thanks to social media, the internet is filled with all sorts of inspiration about how you can change the way you look and get a coveted “glow-up”. This article will help you recreate one of the most iconic celebrity hairstyles, and power a glow-up, one hairdo at a time. Given below is a breakdown of all you need to know to create Ariana Grande’s signature look.

Ariana Grande’s Gravity

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The How-To For Ariana’s Gravity-Defying Ponytail

Ariana Grande is the definition of what it means to create a signature hairstyle, and despite her high ponytail being a thing of the past in her red carpet looks, the audience simply cannot get enough of it. After Ariana, several celebs such as Kim Kardashian, Yara Shahidi, and JLo have graced red carpets with a variation of her signature ponytail, and given below is how you can do it too:

Step 1: Get The Length

The very first step to making Grande’s ponytail is getting that jaw-dropping hair length, which can easily be done through hair extensions. The best idea here is to get salon ready extensions that will not only be more secure but also blend in seamlessly with your natural hair.

Step 2: Secure The Extensions

The next step would be to apply these extensions to your hair. If you have the budget for it, by all means, visit your nearest salon to get a professional to install them for you. However, if you are on a budget you may have to install them yourself with a whole lot of elbow grease and YouTube DIY tutorials.

Step 3: Gather It All-Around

The third step in this process would be to gather all your gorgeous locks in place by taking all of your hair (other than the extensions) and gathering them into a ponytail. The key here is to not pull at your extensions and use your natural hair to in a way grab onto your extensions all pull everything into a ponytail. Take a brush to neaten any loose strands and tie everything into place. You may have to brush and pull until you achieve that coveted high placement.

Step 4: Neaten and slicken

Once you have your ponytail in place, you need to use hairspray or a hair gel to put away all those silly flyaway hair. This is necessary if you wish to achieve Ariana’s slicked-back look. Grab a toothbrush, spray it with hairspray or dip it in gel, and comb all your flyaways into place in a gentle motion. The key here is to be patient and take your time rather than rushing into it.

Step 5: Tie the final bow

This final step calls for a finishing touch to your high and sleek ponytail. A key part of Ariana’s look is that the hair tie around her ponytail never shows and is always covered with her hair. To do so, you need to grab a small strand from the very bottom of your ponytail that is thick enough to cover the band of your hair tie. You simply have to wrap the hair around the hair tie 2-3 times to cover it up, spray it with a ton of hairspray, and tuck away the end with a hairpin that matches the color of your hair.

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