Where to find lithium in Subnautica below zero?

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where to find lithium in subnautica below zero


Where to find lithium in Subnautica below zero?

It’s miles an aid that constantly pops up on Subnautica: below zero blueprints inside the mid to late game. Crafting new gear and upgrading current gadgets provide Lithium a crucial use.

Lithium can be determined within the seabed of many Biomes in Subnautica: under zero. the primary use of Lithium is to create high-energy plasteel, which is used in lots of late-game blueprints.

Where to find lithium in subnautica below zero?”. Here are all of the places where Lithium can be found:

  • Arctic SpiresDeep red VentsDeep Twisty BridgesEast ArcticPurple VentsThermal SpiresTree Spires

As opposed to the regular seabeds, Lithium may be located in Ore Veins inside the Arctic Spires Biome and received from Sea Monkeys that regularly offer specific assets to players.

Maximum typically though, Subnautica: under zero players will want to look for Lithium inside the red Vents Biome. red Vents are within the thermal sector and are easily noticed by using the purple hydrothermal vents in the vicinity.

Honestly head to that Biome and start searching the seabed for Lithium. A sea glide could make it tons quicker. players also can convey a Mineral Detector along. in an effort to allow for an experiment of the region and guidelines to any Lithium.

Like maximum different metals in underneath 0, lithium is observed on the seabed as a standalone aid. this means that it doesn’t have to be broken out of an outcrop, which would decrease the hazard of acquiring it. So once you find a top deposit of lithium, they’ll probably hold finding it.

Lithium is a treasured resource in Subnautica: beneath zero used to craft overdue-sport application gadgets, just like the Prawn fit Propulsion Cannon, in addition to large habitat modules, just like the massive Room. it’s also a crucial thing in Plasteel Ingots, which you’ll want for the very last depth upgrade for the Seatruck.

“where to find lithium in subnautica below zero” Despite its usefulness, Lithium isn’t always that tough to discover, in case you know in which to look. There is a lot of Lithium up for grabs in the red Vents biome, even though it is able to additionally be gifted by way of Sea Monkeys and determined in Ore Veins. here is a whole guide on which to find Lithium in below 0.

You will want 23 portions of Lithium to craft the whole thing Lithium-primarily based on an unmarried time, despite the fact that you can need extra to craft extra Plasteel Ingots or construct chunks.

Lithium is used to craft useful items like:

The ultra-high ability Tank, which calls for 4 Lithium

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Diverse Prawn match enhancements, which include the Propulsion Cannon and Grappling Arm, as well as the Torpedo Arm which can be used to kill Leviathans

Plasteel Ingots used to assemble the Prawn in shape and a ramification of constructing modules

Valuable Seatruck upgrades, including the Afterburner and Horsepower improvements.

“where to find lithium in subnautica below zero”Lithium is also an essential crafting cloth for hundreds of various construction modules. no longer handiest will you want it to build the massive Room, but it’s also used to build things just like the power cell Charger and the Dome Roof for the Multipurpose Room.

This is why it is a great concept to start stockpiling Lithium. eventually, you will need plenty to complete all your building tasks, even if you’re not going for a megabase. you may constantly set up an ahead base near the red Vents biome to make accumulating Lithium a chunk easier.

The first-rate region to find loads of Lithium is the crimson Vents biome. here’s the way to get there.

Manual To The purple Vents Biome

The crimson Vents biome is placed around seven hundred meters from your Drop Pod place. To get there, you need to head South-South East through the Thermal Spires biome.

Along the way, you will see numerous Cryptosuchus – that can assault your Seatruck – and are fine prevented with the aid of staying near the seafloor.

Move past the Thermal Spires biome and you’ll attain the crimson Vents. This biome is pretty apparent after you’re there – there is more than one vent on the ground that spew crimson liquid. those provide light while it’s darkish, so you could make this journey at some stage in the night.

Subnautica: below 0 has most of the usual survival game tropes, however, that doesn’t imply that making development doesn’t sense great! when you start getting toward the overdue game, you’re going to want a few uncommon assets…”where to find lithium in subnautica below zero” and also you’ll want a number of those uncommon sources. Lithium in Subnautica: under zero is going to be your prime improve cloth as you reach the endgame. however, given that it is any such overdue cloth, you’re going to have a problem locating a sufficient of it. Our guide will assist you to discover Lithium quickly and effectively.

You may find Lithium in Subnautica: under 0 by using exploring the seabeds of positive biomes, or in ore veins deep underwater. The primary region for Lithium is inside the Arctic Spires biome, however, you could find some close to the lowest of the main Crystal Caves, Deep crimson Vents, Deep Twisty Bridges, East Arctic, and the Tree Spires Fissure. as long as you’re able to dive deep underwater, you’ll be able to locate and mine Lithium. once you befriend Sea Monkeys, in addition, they have a threat to offer you Lithium.

Lithium may be found in small chunks along the ocean floor, or in ore veins, wherein you have to mine it. The chunks look much like their recreation-icon; little grey chunks that you can take hold of. grey ore veins are also well worth searching at, in particular, if you’re deep underwater.

Lithium is wanted to construct quite a lot! You need 2 Lithium and 1 Titanium for Plasteel, that’s the overdue-sport building material.


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