What does communitive Mean?

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In this blog post we discuss about communitive. Have you ever heard someone say that they can’t “put their finger on it,” and not know what the meaning of a word is? This happens when we don’t understand the communitive definition of a word. We all have different definitions for words, but if you are speaking to someone about an idea or concept, then there should be one form of communication that everyone understands.


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Communitive Meaning

The communitive meaning of a word is the definition that one believes to be the generally accepted, or common sense, understanding of what it means. The communitive meaning can also be referred to as the dictionary definition. This definition is different than other definitions because it takes into account how language has evolved and changed over time.

For example, “gay” used to mean happy but now means homosexual; this shows that changes in culture have affected how we define words. Other types of meanings are denotative and connotative; both these types of meanings are more subjective than communitive meaning because they take into account an individual’s personal feelings toward a particular word rather than society’s general consensus on what it means.

Communitive meaning is when two people agree upon the same reference point in order to communicate. For example, I could tell my friend that I am going to meet them at Starbucks tomorrow morning at 9am. If this were true, then both me and my friend would go through with our plan because we both agree on where Starbucks is located.

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Non communitive

As a person with autism, I am often misunderstood. Non-communicative individuals are hard to understand and learn about because they just don’t speak. It is difficult for people who do not have this disability to figure out how their mind works or what it’s like to live in their shoes. This blog post will share some information on the condition of non communicative autism and provide resources for learning more about living with this condition.


Is communitive a word?

It’s often used in writing and speaking, but is it actually an official word? You might not think so, but there are some good arguments for its existence.
For example: “We do need to become more communitive as a company.” Here the writer of this sentence uses the term to describe what needs to happen – that people need to be able to communicate with one another better. In this case, it makes sense why they would use such a term. After all, if you were trying to say something along those lines using only words that have been recognized by dictionaries throughout time, your essay or article could get very confusing.


Communicative Person

Although it may not be obvious, people react to different messages in different ways. Some take time to process while others are quick to respond. It is the responsibility of communicators to understand who they are talking with and what their expectations are for a message before sending any messages out.

For example, if someone prefers an informative tone then that should be taken into consideration when communicating with them. Understanding your audience will allow you as a communicator to optimize your message and make sure they get the information they need from you quickly and efficiently.


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How to pronounce communicative

Communicative is a word that has been used so often in the English language, it can be difficult to know how to pronounce. It is pronounced “kuh-muhn-ih-vit-iv”. The prefix ‘com’ from communicative means together or jointly and the suffix ‘ative’ indicates active doing something.

When combined, these two parts of speech create a noun which means “the ability to communicate.” In order for communication to take place, both parties must be able to express themselves as well as listen effectively without any misunderstanding. Communication skills are important for all aspects of life and can help us achieve our goals and live fulfilling lives.


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