What do kendo sticks do?

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In this Blog post we discuss about kendo sticks in detail.


What do kendo sticks do?

Kendo sticks are used in kendo, a Japanese martial art. They are also called bokken and shinai. Kendo is derived from the word “ken” which means sword and “do” which means way or path. There are several different types of kendo sticks that vary by length, weight, and material used to make them. It is common for kendo practitioners to customize their equipment so it fits their height preference as well as their style of play. However, there are some standard specifications most people use when building or purchasing their own set of kendos.

In Japan, there are many competitions held where people compete against each other wielding these sticks. These competitions are called “kendo-gi”. There have been some cases where participants have suffered concussions and broken bones while competing in these events.


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Kendo sticks are a traditional Japanese martial art weapon used in the sport of kendo. The kendo stick was created to help the user practice strikes with their sword, without actually hitting themself or anyone else.It’s a long wooden rod with a curved end and it has quite a bit of power behind it when wielded correctly.In Kendo, a kendo stick is used by the attacker to strike their opponent. In order for this defense to be successful, it’s important that the defender moves his or her body into position swiftly enough so that he or she doesn’t get hit from behind by the attacker’s free hand. 

The ultimate goal of kendo is to strike the opponent without being hit. Attacks are made on four points of the body: head, neck, chest, or sword arm. If an attack lands on one of these areas then it is considered a point for the player who executed it which means they get one more chance to hit their opponent before they lose any points themselves. 

Kendo sticks are used for training purposes only because there is no need for them during actual competitions since all kendo players wear helmets and heavy padding when fighting against each other in tournaments.


What are kendo sticks made of?

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A kendo stick is the primary weapon used in the Japanese martial art of kendo. It is a long, flat-surfaced bamboo sword with a leather covering and tassel at one end. Kendo sticks are typically made from white oak or yellow birch and can be up to 120 cm (47 inches) long.

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They are made from wood and have protective gear to protect the user’s hands, elbows, knees and feet. Many players also wear masks to prevent concussions or other injuries caused by swinging too hard or hitting another player too hard with a kendo stick. In Japan, bamboo is typically used for kendo sticks because it is inexpensive.However, people who play outside of Japan use rattan instead because it is more durable than bamboo. 


Why was kendo banned?

The sport of Kendo has become increasingly popular in countries outside Japan, especially in Europe and North America. However, because the weapons are so lethal, some schools have banned them altogether or only allow them when students are wearing helmets and other protective gear.   

These weapons were banned from being sold publicly in many countries due to safety concerns and their use as an offensive weapon during robberies. 

Kendo sticks are a piece of sports equipment that has been in use for thousands of years, but in recent years they have become banned from several sporting events. This is because it can be too easy to get carried away and hurt another person with the kendo stick. The only people who should ever use them are kendo athletes. That’s why they were banned.



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