Tips to create effective youtube outro

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Having your viewers land at the end-screen might itself feel like a grand slam – it means they have sat through your entire content and perhaps even loved it. It gives you a feeling that you may be doing most things right. However, a lot of people fail to convert the views into subscriptions as they are not able to make the outro impactful and alluring.

By outros, we typically mean the part towards the end where the main body of the video substantially ends and you sign off. Youtube allows an end-card that lets you add pieces of external content and links at the end of your video. It could also be an address of a youtube-approved webpage or a video link of a channel you have collaborated with.

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Here are a few tricks and tips that you can use to create an awesome outro – a cherry on your virtual cake:

Have a Call-to-Action

No matter the purpose of your end card, whether to direct traffic towards other videos, playlists or to simply encourage viewers to subscribe to the channel, a ‘call-to-action’ is a must-have for your outro. Youtube’s inbuilt end screen feature lets you choose among several combinations of its templates through which you can embed entire playlists, videos, or even a subscribe button at the end of your video. To make things more effective; incorporate a corresponding CTA in the audio if appropriate.

Follow A Consistent Colour Scheme

A color scheme that resonates with your channel’s color theme and is consistent across all contents and platforms builds brand recognition over time. It can be a couple of colors or a specific color palette that the viewers or target audience starts linking your brand with, after repeated visual association over a span of time. This does not necessarily mean the entire YouTube outro has to have the same color. You can only choose to incorporate the color palette in the last few seconds and experiment with different colors for the rest of the duration.


Set an Optimum Duration

The longer you leave the elements on your end-screen, the more time viewers get to see and act upon the CTAs. Make your outro too short, it fails to get the attention of the content consumer. Make it too long, and you risk it becoming disproportionate, overbearing, and somewhat pushy. So what is the right duration? While there is no obvious answer, ideally it should range somewhere between 5-15 seconds depending on how long your original content runs. The degree of relevance, the type, and the size of elements are also some of the factors that you must bear in mind while deciding on the duration.

Choose an Appropriate Design

It goes without saying, an aesthetic end to your video can go a long way to make things look absolutely polished and professional. The design can be exactly the same as your intro or you could play around a bit and decide on a slightly different design to break the monotony. In any case, it should be in sync with the type of content that you are delivering. Avoid going overboard and by all means, try and keep things simple so that your elements are aptly highlighted. If you are creating quality video content and planning to start your own business, then you should check these helpful tips if you are planning to start your own business.

Don’t overcrowd the elements

Okay, so it is understandable that you want your viewer to watch another video, check out a full playlist, visit your webpage, subscribe to your channel, and perhaps even press the bell icon for push notifications. But hey, don’t try and achieve that all through one content entirely. Too many elements not only make your outro clumsy but also leaves your viewers overwhelmed and less prone to click on anything at all. Put in some thought about which set of elements are the most relevant in the context of that particular video piece and then go ahead with them.

Integrate Arrows and Animations

Towards the end, when the primary content draws to a close, the viewers’ attention tends to falter. To combat this, you can use flashy transitions, animations, and arrow pointers that supplement the auditory cues, if any. Have a little fun with cute moving graphics where the content type allows. Filling in blank spaces with components like these rightly enhances and highlights the main elements of your end-card.

Track the youtube generated analytics

Track and monitor how you have been faring in the whole outro game by analyzing the number of views that your videos have got solely from clicks on the end-screens of your other contents. You can follow up on the overall growth of your channel and determine how much of the new traffic that is generated is attributable to taps and engagements from your outros. The generic statistics show that playlists can increase the average number of videos watched. So curate great playlists from all the content that your channel has and embed them in all the individual videos.

Choose the right tool/software

Having read all of this, you must be wondering about the amount of workload this increases. Don’t worry! While it might seem like a cumbersome task, the right software and tools can take care of these in a jiffy. Ensure that the software you choose, whether paid or free, has a good range of templates to choose from. Besides variety and range, usability and ease of use is something that you must seek. Easy-to-use features can help make the process faster and a whole lot smoother. A good app or tool should also let you save your own customized templates for future use and consistency.


Take care of these simple aspects and it would add a lot of value to your outro and video in general. Creators who have consistently grown their channels advocate the perks of crisp presentation techniques and attention to detail throughout the entire duration of the content. And as the saying goes – All’s well that ends well!


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