The Most Popular Genres of Online Games

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The computer online games industry has been the fastest growing industry for several years. Analysts estimate that today every third inhabitant of the planet regularly downloads games, and by 2023 the global video game market is expected to be more than 200 billion US dollars. With the such rapid growth in the online entertainment industry, it is not surprising that online game developers delight fans with new products every year. At the same time, there are several genres of online games that have been at the top among users around the world for a couple of years.

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Online Casino

The online casino industry appeared relatively recently, just over ten years ago. However, in such a short time, online gambling has become a favorite entertainment for millions of players, and it is the online games and casino industry that shows the fastest growth among all types of online games. Poker, blackjack, roulette, and, of course, slots have moved into the online space. In addition, with the help of digital technologies, developers can add new elements to games that are not available in traditional land-based casinos.

All this contributed to the fact that today there are several thousand officially registered online games in the world like Canada’s Zodiac Casino. Moreover, separate services have appeared that publish detailed and objective reviews of gaming platforms and help players choose the site that best suits their needs.


As the name implies, a shooter is a first or third-person game in which the player fights opponents using weapons. In games of this genre, success depends on the player’s ability to quickly navigate and instantly respond to an attack. In addition, in modern shooters, the features of the weapon used by the player are accurately conveyed, including accuracy when shooting and recoil from a shot.

Among the most popular shooters of 2022 is Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. This is a new part of the world-famous game in which the action takes place during the Cold War, and the player must infiltrate a team of secret agents to stop the criminal. This game is great for both beginners and experienced players.

Another popular shooter of all time is Counter-Strike. The new part of the world-famous game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has become the most popular game in the world according to the Steam platform. In this game, the participants are divided into two camps, some of them are terrorists, and others are the police. In addition, the game has several modes: a regular game, a hostage rescue mission, an operation to clear objects, and others.

Developed by Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment, this game can be played on almost any platform. Counter-Strike is available to play on Windows, Linux, macOS, and Xbox platforms.

The Most Popular Genres of Online Games

Battle Royale

Battle Royale is a kind of shooter game that can be played in both first-person and third-person perspectives. The Battle Royale genre is relatively new, but players quickly appreciated its dynamism. Games of this kind are both simple and interesting. As you might guess, in Battle Royale, the main task of the character is to survive. The player finds himself in a limited area with other players and begins to fight against everyone. Accordingly, as a result, one strongest player should remain, who will become the winner. Among the games of this genre, there are a lot of varieties, including post-apocalyptic battles with zombies, fantasy worlds, and conditionally realistic combat battles.

In 2022, the battle royale genre has become the most popular among all types of online games. Analysts estimate that more than fifty million users have played games in this genre, including players on PC, mobile platforms, and consoles. Some of the most popular Battle Royale games include Battlelands Royale, Creative Destruction, and many more.


Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games combine strategy and real-time role-playing games. They combine elements from Battle Royale and the excitement of a team game in the best way. Over the past couple of years, MOBA games have become so popular that manufacturers have started making versions for both PC and mobile devices, including tablets and even smartphones. Among the games that users most often played in 2022 are MARVEL Super War, Mobile Legends, and others.


The MMORPG genre is considered a classic of video games, but even today players often choose games of this type. The acronym MMORPG stands for Massively Multiplayer Role Playing Online Games. In games of this genre, the user receives a character that can be improved during the game, gaining experience in battles and obtaining various weapons and uniforms. In addition, the player can fight with virtual and real opponents – other players, as well as team up against common enemies.

These are games with a huge world where you are a hero going to glory. To achieve glory, you will have to try – to be like dungeons (places for earning game currency, unusual items, experience, and equipment), complete many quests to open up new opportunities, and move around the world. A hallmark of MMORPG games is their huge fantasy worlds, such as those in Game of Thrones or The Lord of the Rings. Among the most popular games of 2022 are Victory 4, Gran Saga, Noah’s Heart, and others.


This is one of the simplest options. Often this genre attracts novice gamers. The bottom line is the need for a short period to pass a certain level. This option is interesting because it allows you to test your reaction. Among them, there are interesting puzzles. This implies the opportunity to test your logical thinking and intuition.

Online games are a great way to get distracted and be someone else. Everyone loves games – everyone wants to be in the role of a fantasy (elves, mermaids, fairies) hero or a hero from the fantasy world. The world of fantasy is a world of new technologies and opportunities. To plunge into the wonderful worlds, players prefer several genres, which we have reviewed in this article.

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