The farmer the wealthy woman or the girl

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Should I Choose The farmer the wealthy woman or the girl? After killing several enemies and entering the center you may meet Chrysis. A managed man or woman can attack Chrysis right away, however a toddler mendacity on the altar will die. If they make a decision to keep the baby and raise him out of the burning temple, Chrysis will flee.

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The farmer the wealthy woman or the girl

In case you pick out the farmer, he will thank you and the girl will stand up like she was faking illness. in case you select the unwell female the other  gets dissatisfied and the farmer will threaten you. in case you pick the girl then she will be able to thanks and the farmer will threaten you.


Who needs to get the prayer AC Odyssey?

Due to his unwilling sacrifice, the bull’s heart will most effectively be sufficient sacrifice for one character’s prayers: the farmer, the wealthy female, or the kid.

AC Odyssey: A Prescription for Discovery Walkthrough - Assassin's Creed  Odyssey Guide |

The selection will no longer have an effect on the outcome of the search, so pick the one you suspect is most worth it to finish the quest..


Must I store the child or move after chrysis?

After killing several enemies and coming into the center you’ll meet Chrysis. A controlled individual can attack Chrysis properly away, but an infant mendacity at the altar will die. If you decide to store the baby and lift him out of the burning temple, Chrysis will flee.


What happens when you kill all of the cultists?

Killing All Cultists and consequently bringing down the Cult will release The Cult Unmasked trophy or achievement. This guide indicates where to find all Cultists. You unlock the Cultists Menu in sequence 3. by means of then you’ll already have killed them automatically via story development.


Are you able to store each in a dagger to the coronary heart?

If you need to save both of them, use a bow and attack the bandits from the gap. if you method too near and the conversation starts off evolved, you’ll have to pick who will die. if you try to be quicker than the bandits, both of them will die.


 Can you kill Myrrine?

The misthios, Myrrine, Stentor, and Nikolaos are alive: do not save Deimos from the Cult of Kosmos, and as a substitute kill them.


Can you kill whales in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey?

Nicely, there are all new creatures in Odyssey and you could nevertheless hunt them. There are bears, sharks, dolphins and even whales to look. … Sharks we’d be less eager to peer, however we had been advised while a ship sinks within the water they’ll attract to consume the unlucky infantrymen who fall in.


Does Phoebe die?

Sadly, no. Phoebe’s death serves a cause to the tale to make Kassandra (or Alexios) extra pushed into hunting down the Cult of Kosmos and destroying the organization. … Consequently her demise serves as a catalyst for the game itself.

Assassin's Creed Odyssey Choices And Consequences Guide


Should I fight Deimos?

The maximum essential desire is at the end of the conversation, while you can pick how to say good-bye to the person. Attacking Deimos – your person will push Deimos away and he may additionally hit you after that. This choice will make Deimos extra opposed toward your hero within the destiny.


Do I need to fight the daughter of Artemis?

In case you select the first choice and comply with combat, she will be able to assault. When you emerge victoriously, you will get hold of the Daughter of Artemis group topic for your delivery and are in a position to stroll away. if you pick no longer to fight or attempt to find every other way thru romance dialog (together with a kiss), she will become adverse.


Are you able to convey the white bull again alive?

Inside the verbal exchange, he’s going to ask you to tune a sacred white bull and convey it again alive in order that it can be sacrificed. Head to the southwest to the Asine Ruins. as soon as they are on the ruins, call Ikaros to mark the target and enemies. The bull is already lifeless, so wipe out the foes and loot the bull for its coronary heart.


Must I kill chrysis?

Simply choose it and get it out. Chrysis will break out, however some matters are more crucial than your revenge. alternatively, if you decide to kill Chrysis, your lust for blood will in all likelihood be sated, but you’ll have a dead baby on your conscience.


What are you saying to Deimos in jail?

After this, the participant will wake up in prison in Athens. Deimos will confront the participant again. try to persuade them they’re being used by telling them the reality….Achievements”We didn’t abandon you.””Our mother searched for you.””She notion you were useless.””i was thrown off, too.”Nov 5, 2018.


Should I kill Daphnae Odyssey?

Kill Daphnae is considered the coolest ending. At the end of it, you’ll get to honor Daphne’s needs, as she dies and you end up the brand new chief of the institution. This is also the only finish in which you combat the most effective one man or woman from the group, and probably the perfect one.

AC Odyssey: A Prescription for Discovery Walkthrough - Assassin's Creed  Odyssey Guide |


Can Alexios lead the Daughters of Artemis?

2 Alexios Can end up Their chief Too And 0.33, they’re all lady. Sure, they’re referred to as the Daughters of Artemis because all of their followers use the bow like Artemis and are lady-like Artemis, it’s a tad at the nostril.


Who is the more dangerous God?

Poseidon Designate Poseidon because the most risky God: You free up the “check of individual” quest.


Who tried killing Dolops?

In the Iliad, he faced Images in a struggle and could have killed him if not for Meges’ robust corselet; as Meges fought returned, Menelaus attacked Dolops from in the back of and killed him, whereupon the Greeks removed his armor. Dolops the Achaean, son of Clytius, killed via Hector in the Trojan warfare.


Which king is the cultist?

Pausanias is a cultist. stop of the day, it doesn’t count the success of the hunt or if there may be proof or not–Pausanias can be revealed as the cultist. The difference is wherein he can be discovered to be assassinated.




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