Stephen Colbert Mocks Trump’s ‘Unbelievably Sad’ Vaccine Statement

Stephen Colbert opened The Late Show on Thursday—one year to the day since COVID-19 was officially deemed a pandemic—by playing a slightly altered version of the new PSA featuring four former presidents.

In addition to clips of Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter each promoting vaccinations, this one included Donald Trump predicting that the virus would magically “go away” without the need for a vaccine.

In reality, the 45th president was nowhere to be seen in the ad, which premiered online Thursday morning. After dusting off his W. impression to make fun of Bush for picking a baseball game as the thing he’s most looking forward to doing now that he’s been vaccinated, Colbert addressed the one living former president who is conspicuously missing.

“Maybe his invite got lost in the mail… because he destroyed the postal service!” the host joked. “Ol’ 45 was left out of the POTUS PSA party, but he did put out his own statement about the vaccine.”

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