Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Breaking down the most prominent theories

Is Rey (Daisy Ridley) going to turn to the Dark Side? What is the return of the contract with Emperor Palpatine (Ian McDiarmid)? How should we deal with the final scenes of Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher)?

As fans waiting for The Rise of Skywalker, the third and final chapter of the Star Wars sequel trilogy, to hit theaters on Dec. 20, there was plenty of time to discuss these questions and create theories about what will happen in Episode IX.

Skywalker’s J.J. Abrams-helmed Rise would put an end to the new generation of heroes in the series. But don’t worry — from The Mandalorian series of Disney+ Star Wars to the upcoming film trilogy of Last Jedi director Rian Johnson, there are many more Star Wars projects in the works.

Here are five of Star Wars’ most convincing theories: the Age of Skywalker.

Rey will turn to the Dark Side.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Breaking down the most prominent theories


Thanks to the image of Jedi-in-training Rey sporting a hooded Sith-style mask and wearing a red double-sided lightsaber featured. In Disney’s annual D23 Conference’s Rise of Skywalker teaser, some fans are more satisfied than ever that Rey would transform to the Dark Side.

She refused Kylo Ren’s (Adam Driver) offer to rule together without loyalty to either the Dark Side of the Light before saving the severely depleted powers of the Resistance from Crait when we last saw Rey in The Last Jedi (2017).

Whether it is accurate or not, Rey was disturbed by the revelation from Kylo Ren that parents were nobodies who sold her on Jakku for drinking money and were buried there in a desert grave.

And with Emperor Palpatine’s return confirmed by Abrams, Rey might be a prime target for a grace-fallen Anakin-Hair. Skin.esque.

There will be more Force ghosts.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Breaking down the most prominent theories


Many viewers persuaded that the roles of Emperor Palpatine and Luke in The Rise of Skywalker — both Ian McDiarmid and Mark. Hamill has confirmed actors in Episode IX — will be that of Force ghosts in the aftermath of Yoda reappearing to give Luke much cheeky advice in The Last Jedi. After a sudden change of heart by Darth Vader, when we last saw Palpatine in Return of the Jedi, he hurtled down the Death Star’s reactor shaft (seemingly to his death).

As to Luke, he was one of the forces in Last Jedi when he designed a representation of himself at the resistance stand with the first order at Crait. Typically this type of death in the universe of Star Wars implies that the protagonist has the power to reappear as a Force ghost in the world of the living. Not to mention, Hamill himself has confirmed that Luke is a go for the Force ghost.

“I’ve had the last closure, you know?”When asked if Skywalker’s Rise would be his last Star Wars movie, he told the Associated Press. “The fact that I am interested in any way is solely due to that odd feature of the mythology of the Star Wars, where if you are a Jedi, you can come back[ and] make a curtain call as a Force ghost.”

Because Palpatine was a Sith Lord, not a Jedi, though, and we did not see the exact moment he met his end (or did not), his presence as a ghost of the Force remains a little vaguer.

Rey is a clone

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Breaking down the most prominent theories


Kylo Ren told Rey straight up that her parents in The Last Jedi were nobodies, deadbeats trading her for drinking liquor. But some fans have grown persuaded ever since that Rey’s parents that be no one — because she’s a clone. Since the prequel trilogy announced that the original Stormtroopers were all clones, clones have played an integral part in the Star Wars universe. Nevertheless, the Rey-is – an a-clone hypothesis based on the idea that Emperor Palpatine rescued the hand that Darth Vader in Empire Strikes Back cut off Luke Skywalker and used his DNA to create Rey in a hidden Jakku lab.

“Rey is a clone made of Luke’s hand cut off in Empire Strikes Back,” wrote Reddit user vadrr21 earlier this year. “Palpatine made the clone in one of his Jakku labs. Two Junk traders found the laboratory of Palpatine and scavenged for goods they could have sold off for ‘ drinking money. ‘ They found Rey and sold her off to Unkar Plutt. That all might seem far-fetched if not because in the Star Wars of Chuck Wendig: The Aftermath Trilogy, a novel series considered canon in the world of Star Wars, Palpatine has a hidden laboratory on Jakku. And it’s under a plateau called the Plaintive Hand. J.J. Abrams also said Rey’s parents ‘ “there’s more to the story” and confirmed that Palpatine was returning to Episode IX in some capacity.

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