Social Media Personality Lil TerRio Gives Update On Fitness And Health Journey


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Social media users met Lil TerRio as a young kid with energetic vibes and comedic tendencies. He won over folks online with plenty moments, but none like his “oooh, kill ’em” dance moves. As a child, his thicker frame was also frequently apart of his comedic appeal. However, in October 2021 the viral entertainer shared his new fitness and health journey.

Now a teenager, he decided to improve his diet and exercise habits and loss about 130 pounds in two months, per TMZ. A few months later, Lil TerRio has lost an additional 20-ish pounds. His October check-in clocked him at 231 pounds, which was down from 360. An update posted to Lil TerRio’s Instagram Story on Tuesday showed 211.5 pounds on a weight scale.

“14 years of bad food choices and no exercise got me to an unhealthy and unhappy place. 5 months of hard work and dedication and here I am,” Lil TerRio wrote in the caption of a side-by-side comparison of his weight.

In his October announcement, Lil TerRio announced the change was due to his older perspective on health and life. Multiple reports say Lil TerRio said at the time that he hopes to be the face of overcoming childhood obesity.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says 1 in 5 U.S. children have obesity. Between 2017-2018, obesity prevalence was at 24.2% for “non-Hispanic Black children” — the second highest affected group.

In his latest update, Lil TerRio kept his comments about his journey honest, but motivational.

“My desire to live a long, healthy life. Dr’s have told me I would die young if I didn’t make a change and I’m so proud of myself for where I am today,” he wrote. “The goals I set for myself keep changing but what stays the same is to try my best every day.”

On his Instagram Story, Lil TerRio also thanked all of his supporters. He shared a message about reaping rewards after the work is done.

“If you reward yourself before you put that hard work in, you ain’t gon want to put that hard work in,” he said. Trust me.”

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