Smash Mouth Singer Steve Harwell Threatens Fans & Appears To Give Nazi Salute In WILD Concert Video


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Something is VERY wrong with Smash Mouth.

As you know, the band has been around since the ’90s, and they were the soundtrack to many childhoods due to their association with Shrek. But in recent times, they’ve been better known for courting controversy — like bagging on Taylor Swift or their infamous packed concert during the height of COVID-19. And now, we’re adding another seriously disturbing incident to the list.

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On Monday, TikTok user @doesthisfeelgood revealed that she had attended the band’s performance at a beer and wine festival in New York. Describing it as “the most chaotic show I’ve ever seen in my entire life,” she proceeded to share some clips from the event. Not only was the sound unbalanced the entire concert, singer Steve Harwell was belligerent and seemed unwell.

In various clips, the Walking on the Sun vocalist flipped off the crowd, seemed unsteady on his feet, gave an “unintelligible speech” into the mic, and was “absolutely schwasted” in the words of the TikToker.

@doesthisfeelgoodthe most chaotic show I’ve ever been to #smashmouth #heynow #allstar #shrekisloveshrekislife♬ original sound – Haley

At one point, he could be heard bizarrely telling the gathered fans:

“If I could suck my own d**k I’d never leave the house.”

More upsettingly, he threatened members of the crowd, saying:

“I’ll f**kin’ kill your whole family I swear to god.”

Even worse, in one of the clips he throws his arm up in what appears to be a Nazi salute.

@doesthisfeelgoodReply to @moonel0 ##greenscreenvideo ???? ????♬ original sound – Haley

After the original video went viral, the TikToker shared some additional clips from the show (below) that include the musician “wandering offstage and getting stuck behind the speakers” and miming an… inappropriate gesture with a beer.

@doesthisfeelgoodReply to @katielovessharks this blew up so fast I’m scared ????♬ original sound – Haley
@doesthisfeelgoodReply to @karinahunt6 ##greenscreenvideo Does no one remember that smash mouth gave 25,000 people Covid♬ original sound – Haley

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This uncomfortable (to say the least) performance came days after TMZ reported that the 54-year-old was struggling with his cardiomyopathy, a heart condition he was diagnosed with back in 2015. The issue caused Harwell to miss some performances earlier this month, but he had supposedly “adjusted” things in order to return to the stage.

Smash Mouth have not yet made any comment about Harwell’s behavior or their off-the-rails performance. Obviously we only have these out of context clips to go on, but something definitely needs to be addressed here. Whether the artist’s issues are related to a heart problem or to alcohol, he was clearly not doing okay and needs some help. And the Nazi salute thing… well, that also needs to be addressed and apologized for, whatever the intent was behind the gesture.

[Image via Judy Eddy/WENN & @doesthatfeelgood/TikTok]


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