Roland Emmerich Slams Superhero And ‘Star Wars’ Films – Deadline


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Moonfall director Roland Emmerich thinks Superhero and Star Wars films are ruining the industry. He is among the many actors and directors that have lambasted the state of the movie business because these types of movies exist.

He sat down with Den of Geek and while talking about his newest disaster film, he mentions, “Because naturally, Marvel and DC Comics and Star Wars have pretty much taken over,” he said. “It’s ruining our industry a little bit, because nobody does anything original anymore.”

Emmerich claims to be all about originality and believes that Christopher Nolan is making bold choices when it comes to filmmaking. 

“You should make bold new movies, you know? And I think, actually, Christopher Nolan is the master of that. He is someone who can make movies about whatever he wants,” he said. “I have it a little bit harder, but I still have a big enough name — especially when it’s a disaster or has some sort of disaster theme.”

He’s made a name for himself directing several big budget films like Independence Day and its sequel Resurgence, The Day After Tomorrow, 2012, and 10,000 BC. Moonfall is his latest venture which stars Halle Berry and Patrick Wilson, Michael Peña, John Bradley, Donald Sutherland. The movie sits at 40 percent on Rotten tomatoes. 


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