The World’s Most Expensive & Luxurious Gaming PC of 2022

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Creators are obsessed with constructing excessive-quit gaming pc. The first-class element is that they never surrender. This group typically has game enthusiasts who are also called creators. Deep inner, they realize that a day will come when all of their tough paintings will be paid off, and this piece of technology will do miracles.

Whether or not you’re a professional or an informal player, you may acknowledge a system that may produce super graphic shows without lagging. Fortuitously, several modern-day gaming pcs are created to supply awesome gameplay despite the game you pick.

Furthermore, people on this global are very tech geeks; they work day and night to make each wire appearance uniform and excellent. In instances, the case is so small that they get at a loss for words about how massive loops fit in there.

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Up to now, those skilled humans have efficaciously constructed the most costly gaming computer in the international. let’s have a glimpse at it.


8Pack OrionX: maximum highly-priced high-quit Gaming pc

In the meanwhile, 8Pack OrionX is the arena’s most pricey gaming laptop Or pcs since you get two structures in a single case, each remarkably effective and greater than capable for something from gaming to different effective computational workloads. whatever you need it for, the ORIONX2 is a powerhouse of a machine. 

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The World's Most Expensive & Luxurious Gaming PC of 2022

If you are a gamer and were fantasizing approximately an ideal high-cease gaming laptop all your existence, the great information is that is your dream gaming computer. by means of any chance, if you have £29,999.99 ($41,519.96), forget approximately throwing an extravagant birthday celebration, do now not take a flight to the equal destination each other month, instead pay the amount in something you like. Something no person else’s possesses. comply with your fantasies and be the owner of the most high-priced gaming laptop ever.

At the beginning of the year 2017, this splendor identified as 8Pack OrionX got here out in front of the entire world out of a clandestine lab. Its single case known as Phanteks Enthoo Elite alone fees $949. This single case has a large-sized system internal itself. The gadget is created of special structures. The processor’ 10-middle Intel i7-6950x’ is used to reinforce the better-quit machine. however, the other secondary machine is powered with the aid of a much less steeply-priced processor known as core i7-770K.

A totally successful laptop builder named Ian Parry and the rather gifted designer of the machine confirmed the listing of the additives used to make this maximum luxurious gaming pc. It’s simply inconceivable how Parry controlled to p.c. so much computing electricity in a normal-sized case. His paintings deserves a massive spherical of applause.

General images playing cards prepared on the pc are four; each photographs card is really worth $1,900. The maximum exquisite element is that the overall gaming memory of those playing cards is same to 48 GB. A regular portable pc is applied with a complete of eight GB of memory; now you should be capable of see the prominence of this excessive-end gaming pc. The primary reminiscence present in the 8Pack OrionX is 64 GB, while on the secondary gadget, it’s 16 GB.

There are three different garage setups gift on the number one computer. the primary one is a hard force ‘1.2 TB Intel 750’, the second storage setup comes with two 1TB Samsung Evo 850 SSDs and the third one is a hard drive known as 10TB SATA. you may also download the internet with the second one storage system’s assist as it’s far geared up with 512 GB Samsung 960 SSDs.

The cooling loops are hooked up wisely; they seem exceedingly expert and work unusually by way of maintaining the whole lot interior at a trendy temperature. those liquid loops are three in a wide variety and are customized especially for the system. furthermore, there are a large variety of LEDs as properly.

You might be thinking about OrionX is also every other model like many fancy automobile automakers fool people with. but, it isn’t always a prototype, and it isn’t always just a high-quality concept made to trap the headlines. it is certainly a reality. the sector has subsequently got its maximum pricey gaming computer. This is prepared to be bought out to gaming fanatics. absolute confidence at £29,999.99 ($41,519.96) OrionX is the maximum pricey pc present in this world.

It isn’t like any other traditional computer; it’s more beneficial than all. it is extremely fascinating because it is built via a totally high-quality and famous device builder. most of the people of the additives of this 8Pack are customized, and the first-class element is that a single chassis holds two notable top class satisfactory structures. Every one of the systems has excessive-velocity hardware. one of the structures is right for utilization at the computing device, at the same time as the other is appropriate for gaming.


OrionX2 specifications: 

Primary gadget:

  • CPU: Intel middle i9-10980XE 4.6GHz (overclocked) | GPU: 2x Nvidia RTX Titan 24GB | RAM: 128GB | garage: twin 2TB SSD + 14TB HDD


Secondary machine:

  • CPU: Intel center i7-10700K 5.0GHz (overclocked) | GPU: Nvidia RTX Titan 24GB | RAM: 32GB | garage: dual 2TB SSD in RAID 0 + 14TB HDD


Machine features:

  • Systems in one, both with extraordinarily effective hardware
  • 18-middle, 36-thread CPU on the number one gadget and eight-center, 16-thread CPU on the secondary
  • Non-compulsory as much as 4 Nvidia RTX Titans
  • 128GB of RAM at the number one device
  • Water cooling on each CPU and the number one GPU


Technical specs (E-Atx number one system)

  • In particular, custom-designed Phanteks Elite complete-Tower with integrated reservoirs and 8Pack trademarks
  • Cool indoors with LED lighting fixtures, cable sleeving and colored liquid coolant
  • Custom water cooling with EKWB components and 3 unbiased custom loops
  • Custom OC & water cooled Intel middle i9-7980XE (Skylake-E) with 18 Cores (36 Threads!!), 24.seventy five MB L3 Cache and OC @ min. 4.6 GHz
  • ASUS ROG Rampage 6 extreme Omega Mainboard (E-ATX) with Intel X299 chipset and LGA 2066/li>
  • Two water cooled NVIDIA RTX Titan with 24GB GDDR6 VRAM linked in NV-hyperlink for awesome gaming graphical overall performance, or 3 water cooled NVIDIA RTX Titan run independently for computational/rendering operation.
  • Faster and greater efficient DDR4-RAM with 128 GB capacity and 3200 MHz clock frequency or 64GB jogging at 3600MHz
  • 2TB Samsung 970 Evo NVMe-SSD as the primary storage tool
  • 2TB Samsung 970 Evo NVMe-SSD because the secondary data garage
  • Massive 14 TB Seagate HDD for tertiary data storage
  • 2.000 Watt amazing Flower Leadex 8Pack edition energy supply with intense performance & 8Plus Platinum efficiency
  • Flawlessly implemented Thermal Grizzly Hydronaut thermal compound
  • Additional: Comes with home windows 10 professional pre-established
  • Custom water cooled Intel center i7-9700K (espresso Lake) with 8 cores, 12 MB L3 Cache, and overclocked to as a minimum 5.0 GHz.
  • Or Intel center i9-9900K, 8 center, 16 Thread Overclocked to at least four.8GHz
  • ASUS ROG Strix Z390I Gaming Motherboard (Mini-ITX)
  • Rapid DDR4-RAM with 16GB potential at an implausible 4000 MHz clock frequency
  • Remarkable pics card: NVIDIA RTX Titan with 24GB GDDR6 VRAM
  • Two lightning-brief and reliable Samsung 970 Evo M.2 NVMe SSDs with 2TB, configured in RAID zero because the primary storage gadgets
  • A huge 14 TB potential Samsung HDD for the secondary garage
  • Extra: Comes with home windows 10 professional pre-mounted.



What do the systems have?

Even though they may be awesome in most of the hardware, they’ve things – the case and the strength supply. The case would possibly appear to be a one-off, however, it’s a Phanteks Enthoo Elite, an excellent complete tower case that has been substantially customized by Ian 8Pack Parry, to get a unique appearance, as well as to be able to provide the powerful additives that pass internally.

The case itself is more suitable by way of RGB lights in addition to a few cautiously placed logos that permit you to know precisely what you’re looking at.

The power delivered in query is an 8Pack version super Flower Leadex. While you think about the component’s interior, you are probably thinking about how they strengthen both systems at once. the solution is straightforward – that is a 2000W PSU with an 80+ Platinum certification that makes use of a power splitter to deliver the important energy to each structure. It’s far surprisingly sturdy and mighty. 8Pack used custom cables with the aid of Pexon computers in the UK to make certain the energy cables’ appearance subtle, too.

The number one gadget, a real powerhouse:

there may be no doubting that each structure is excellent, however, it’s the primary, E-ATX one that takes the cake because of the “better” of the two, each because of the choice of additives and the personal interest that has been paid to constructing the entire element.



On the core of the number one system sits the LGA2066 socket ASUS ROG Rampage 6 intense Encore. It’s ASUS’s most effective motherboard, and it comes with something which includes an excellent VRM section, up to 4 M.2 drives, incredible networking and audio sections, and wi-fi 6. It has eight DIMM slots as properly, that’s a critical part of the gadget.



In that LGA2066 socket sits Intel’s middle i9-10980XE processor. this is an 18-core, 36-thread processor that Intel made for the maximum advanced situations and is the maximum costly tenth technology Intel CPU.

It comes with 24.75MB of L3 cache, that is remarkable, however it’s the frequencies that can be incredible. Intel ships this CPU with a base clock of three.0GHz, and a maximum faster of up to four.6GHz.

This is pretty excellent in itself, but within the OrionX2, 8Pack pushes this to no less than 4.6GHz. you may be getting a company CPU, without any stability troubles, and the overall performance is as exquisite as it receives.

This hits the question, how does that chip live cool while pushed so tough? The rationale is the custom cooling answer made with three unbiased loops and the Thermal Grizzly Hydronaut thermal compound. The loops’ components are all with the aid of excessive-give-up manufacturers – EKWB, Aqua laptop, and Mayhem, and they may be all among the finest selections.

The case provides for incorporated reservoirs, and one of the highlights of the case is the reservoir formed like the 8Pack logo. There are also all of the custom paintings, just like the acrylic plates that you may now not find for sale out of doors the system, and an outcome is a machine that not only remains cool beneath load but seems sudden whilst doing so.



It’s now not simply the CPU and NVMe that are water-cooled – the GPUs are, too. And in the case of the OrionX2, you are looking at two Nvidia RTX Titan pics playing cards, linked with NV-hyperlink so you can merge their power for gaming. If, however, you want the primary device for rendering or different computational obligations, you’ve got the option to work with 3 impartial RTX Titan GPUs. in any case, they are part of the cooling loop, and the overall performance you will be getting out of them is sincerely notable.

This dual system has a triple custom water cooling loop, it’s miles are defined by Overclockers UK as:

“A complete of three impartial loops are responsible for cooling, all of which are controlled by means of their very own Aquaero 6 from Aqua pc, thereby enabling them to be with ease controlled. The CPU, as well as the NVMe pressure of the E-ATX gadget, are cooled by way of a 480 mm radiator in addition to a 360 mm radiator. Visually, those two loops may be identified by using their gray and silver liquid coolant. The CPU of the Mini-ITX device alternatively is cooled by a 360 mm radiator, the loop of which can be diagnosed through its red coolant. the individuality of this water cooling setup, however, surely lies within the unusual design as 8Pack – other than using top-class components from EK Water Blocks, Aqua pc, and Mayhem – has additionally designed his very own specific components, mainly for the OrionX2. for this reason, the liquid coolants are guided via the whole gadget thanks to various custom acrylic plates, in the end presenting themselves in the massive reservoir in the form of the 8Pack logo in which all of the liquid coolants and pumps ultimately come together. A definitely particular show that is unrivaled in each appreciate which includes now not best layout and performance however also for its extraordinarily quiet functioning.”



Reminiscence, each RAM, and garage, is properly taken care of. You get the choice of 64GB and 128GB of RAM, each jogging at 3600MHz, however, the decreased potential package has relatively better timings. it’s far a be counted of individual preference, and anyways, you will not be missing. In phrases of storage, you get  2TB Samsung 970 EVO NVMe SSDs, one for primary storage and secondary garage. And sure, Overclockers uk and 8Pack agree that 4TB won’t reduce it for some, that’s why they add a Seagate IronWolf seasoned 14TB mechanical tough drive, too.  The complete system is constructed to look even higher way to the BitFenix Alchemy 2.0 LED lighting fixtures strips, and at the lowest, you’re looking at a PSU shroud that has a few trademarks that quickly show what you are looking at. now not handiest is it a actual powerhouse for gaming and operating, however it’s a stunning build, too.


Beauty & Lightning functions

The indoors of this large beauty is recommendable; every a part of it is filled with wonderful lightning, fan grills, or custom-designed coolants in the main made for the cooling system. An Intel i7-6950x by myself fees $1,365.

On the other side, there are 4 photograph cards known as Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan X, that’s really worth $4,400.

Different additives include a 16 TB of HHD storage and a 1 TB Samsung 850 pro SSD. To assure that every one of the computer additives do now not get very warm, Kylaralthor has set twenty-six fans inner. except that, there’s additionally a customized liquid cooling setup to make sure the machine does now not warmth up.

A number of the alternative accessories are 3 27-inch 1080p monitors, and all of them are even worth seeing. further to that, the wireless headphones, keyboard, gaming mouse, and 4 TB outside force also are amazing. 4.4 GHz is used to overclock the 10 center CPU i7-6950X, the Intel’s flagship additionally has liquid-cooled pix cards. The very fast Intel 750 PCI-E SSD has 1TB; you furthermore might get an extremely good reminiscence of sixty-four GB and SSD garage space of about three.2 TB. greater than 2,000 MB/Sec facts can be dished out without difficulty. The computer’s secondary device has an incredible motherboard located at the bottom; it’s far diagnosed as Asus ROG Strix Z270I Gaming mini-ITX. This machine has 16 GB RAM, 5.1 GHz. overclocking is carried out by means of an Intel i7-7700K. apart from that, Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan X image cards also are there.


Slendor & Lightning capabilities

The interior of this widespread splendor is recommendable; every part of it’s far filled with exquisite lightning, fan grills, or custom-designed coolants broadly speaking made for the cooling gadget. An Intel i7-6950x alone prices $1,365. On the alternative facet, there are four photo-playing cards known as Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan X, which is well worth $4,400. different additives consist of a sixteen TB of HHD garage and a 1 TB Samsung 850 seasoned SSD. To guarantee that all of the laptop additives do not get very warm, Kylaralthor has set twenty-six fanatics inside. Besides that, there is also a customized liquid cooling setup to make certain the gadget does now not heat up.

The World's Most Expensive & Luxurious Gaming PC of 2022

A number of the opposite accessories are 3 27-inch 1080p monitors, and they all are even worth seeing. In addition to that, the wireless headphones, keyboard, gaming mouse, and four TB outside drive are also incredible.

4.4 GHz is used to overclock the 10 middle CPU i7-6950X, the Intel’s flagship additionally has liquid-cooled photographs cards. The very speedy Intel 750 PCI-E SSD has 1TB; you furthermore may get a remarkable reminiscence of 64 GB and SSD storage area of approximately three.2 TB. extra than 2,000 MB/Sec records can be dished out effortlessly. The computer’s secondary system has an excellent motherboard placed at the bottom; it is identified as Asus ROG Strix Z270I Gaming mini-ITX. This gadget has sixteen GB RAM, 5.1 GHz. Overclocking is performed with the aid of an Intel i7-7700K. aside from that, Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan X photographs cards also are there.

The total extent of the garage in each of the systems of this excessive-end gaming computer is truly extraordinary, it is 24 TB. The SSD-based garage is four TB, while every hard disk has 10 TB. You have to be thinking about the cause in the back of the 2 systems. The idea is quite apparent while your computer is involved, you could nevertheless experience gaming on the other gadget. you may also use the opposite machine to test movies or pics even as resuming your work on the first gadget. The fine issue is an unmarried energy supply is used to energy each structure.

The actual show stopper of this maximum high-priced gaming computer needs to be the recommendable cooling gadget. it’s so extremely good and unique that it is in particular made for OrionX; moreover, it’s a customized cooling device. It’s obvious for the ten-core CPU to warm up quick, to be able to prevent it from overheating the pc has radiators to chill it. Furthermore, the smaller device and the images playing cards have their very own radiator.

Other than the cooling machine, some other kicker in OrionX is its super pics cards. All of us know that gaming desktops are incomplete without an amazing image card. The builder of this fabulous beast didn’t forget that. They made certain this branch become also taken care of; unlike traditional gaming computers, this one is ready with 4 Nvidia Titan X Pascal graphics cards. the ones cards are spread throughout each of the structures.

A lot of you may not recognize that Nvidia Titan X Pascal is one of the most strong and splendid pictures cards to be had on the market. it’s miles swift, and according to the card, there’s 12 GB of video RAM. Atop it’s so top-notch that the employer had to restrict the wide variety of playing cards sold in line with customers. Now an individual should buy only two of those photos’ playing cards. maintaining that during thoughts, you could understand that OrionX has 4 such snap shots cards.

As visible, the 8Pack Orion X is a strong gaming computer that packs structures in an unmarried unit. The number one system is flawlessly united for intensive workloads like computational operations or rendering, whilst the second one caters to the gaming crowd. it’s miles no surprise the Orion X ranks as the sector’s most highly-priced gaming pc.

It’s miles obvious that only some people can find the money for this traditional. However, in case you are a gaming expert or a computer lover, then checking it out will convey notable pleasure.

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