What Is The Monkey App And Is It Safe For Kids?

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There is a good chance that your adolescent has downloaded the Monkey app, even if you are unaware of its existence.

The Monkey app is a teen video-chat software for iPhone and iPad that links users with like-minded persons all around the world for 10-second video conversations by utilizing the usernames they have registered with Snapchat.

According to Isaiah Turner, one of the co-founders of Monkey, “I think people, parents, in particular, there’s a tremendous disconnect comprehending that Internet friends are just as important to teenagers as real-world friends.”

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That could be one of the reasons why the app has become so popular among people of younger ages, according to the analytics firm App Annie: It was the most popular iOS app downloaded in the month of April.

The app was designed to be a modernized version of the random video-chat website Chatroulette that is geared for today’s teenagers and does not contain anything that is sexually explicit.

What Happened to Monkey App?

According to an investigation by the Washington Post, more than 1,500 complaints of unwanted sexual approaches, many of which targeted children, have been made against popular social networking apps in Apple’s App Store. This is in contrast to what Apple prominently states as a “safe and trusted place,” according to the investigation by the Washington Post. Many of the victims of these unwanted sexual approaches were children.

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What Is The Monkey App And Is It Safe For Kids? - Rigorous Themes

There is still a version of the Monkey app available, and it can be located and downloaded through Google Play. However, it would appear that the Apple store has removed it from availability; if you downloaded it in the past, there may be a way for you to continue using it.

The Post combed through more than 130,000 reviews of six random chat apps, all but one of which were ranked in the top 100 for social networking by Apple earlier this month. Using a machine-learning algorithm, The Post classified App Store reviews holding complaints of unwanted sensual content, racism, and bullying. The algorithm was applied to more than 130,000 reviews of the six random chat apps. The Post looked over each of the more than 1,500 evaluations that mentioned awkward sexual situations by hand.

Apple has always set itself apart from its competition by exercising a higher degree of control than its rivals, as seen by the statement on its website that it “carefully [reviews] every app.” However, the abundance of unwelcome sexual content that involves children raises doubts about whether or not Apple can continue to give a protective cocoon to its clients as its platform evolves. Apple has a financial stake in a more prominent forum, which is that it receives a portion of the income that is created by apps.

Apple claims that it evaluates 100,000 app submissions each week using a combination of algorithms and human reviewers. Apple spokesperson Fred Sainz said in a statement, “We established the App Store to be a secure and trusted location for our consumers to acquire programs, and we treat all accusations of improper or unlawful contact extremely seriously.”

“We want to give developers a chance to ensure that they are properly complying with the rules, but we won’t hesitate to remove them from the App Store if they don’t.” “If the purpose of these apps is not inappropriate, we want to give developers a chance to ensure that they are properly complying with the rules.”

How the Monkey App Started?

The mobile app analytics company App Annie reports that the Monkey app has seen an average of 300,000 monthly active users during the second quarter of 2017 and that it has been downloaded nearly three million times since it was first made available for download in November of 2016. According to Monkey, its actual usage is significantly larger and likely numbers in the millions.

It is especially well-liked by teenagers and young adults in general. According to App Annie, Monkey was the most popular app downloaded by users between the ages of 13 and 24 in the month of April. The app has remained in the top 10 since then.

At the moment, it’s ranked as the ninth most popular app among people of that age. According to the analytics firm Sensor Tower, the typical user is 23 years old, and the population is fairly evenly divided between male and female users, with 48 to 52 percent of each. Monkey reports that the average age of its users is barely seventeen years old.

Turner and Ben Pasternak, who also helped create the company, came up with the idea for Monkey. Years ago, the two of them connected online, much like the majority of young people do these days. They finally crossed paths in person at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) hosted by Apple in 2015. Soon after that, Pasternak called Turner with the notion that Monkey should establish a community of teenagers where they could meet individuals or find others who shared their interests.

Turner stated that Chatroulette was not a particularly motivational environment. “We had no intention of coming up with something like that. They lived in a community that was deplorable. You didn’t meet folks who had a lot of characteristics with you, did you?

Turner and Pasternak are not typical teenagers with an idea in their heads.

At the age of 15, Pasternak got a round of venture money from Binary Capital for a social app called Flogg. Binary Capital was the investor.

When Turner got the call about Monkey, he was working as a developer for the personalized retail offer firm PreciseTarget in Washington, DC. He was responsible for both the back-end and the front-end of the website. He was 17.

According to Turner, his fascination with computer programming was sparked when he was just 11 years old. By the time he was 12 years old, he was hacking into the TV cable boxes of his pals in order to bypass any parental controls.

He stated, “I started doing some reverse engineering to figure out how it worked.” “Whenever they [parents] would apply parental controls, I would switch off in a few hours,” said the child. “It was annoying.”

His most well-known hack to this day was when he discovered a security hole in Yo, the popular software that allowed users to send their pals a simple message that said “Yo.” He was successful in sending out a push notification to the site’s users that read “#YoBeenHacked.” As a direct result of this, Yo developer Or Arbel decided to recruit Turner. Because of the chance, he decided to forego his high school education while he was just 15 years old.

“My parents didn’t help me drop out, but once it ultimately happened they supported my decision,” Turner confessed. “My parents supported my decision, but they didn’t help me drop out.” “If I hadn’t done it, I wouldn’t have started Monkey, and Monkey is one of the best things that happened.” “If I hadn’t done it, I wouldn’t have started Monkey.”

Who Tried to Stop the App from Accessing Inappropriate Material?

According to Turner, the staff at Monkey, who are on average 18 years old, used AI to identify unsuitable content in order to avoid the problems that plagued the company’s predecessor. Additionally, there are mechanisms for reporting individuals. According to Turner, the AI will look through the dialogue once a report is made. The user will automatically be banned from the site if it finds any adult content.

According to Turner, “our most important emphasis when we designed it from the very beginning was to create a community that did not contain harmful stuff.” “In order to accomplish this, we had to develop a neural network that is capable of machine learning and can determine in a matter of seconds whether anything is unsuitable.”

Additionally, users are forced to enter their age before they can use the app; however, there is no mechanism to verify that users are the age they claim to be. Turner explains that no other social network is able to perform an age verification either.

However, there are still some people that are evading detection. Turner has stated that the corporation is making preparations.

He remarked, “It’s interesting to note that adults are the ones that prefer to perpetuate explicit behavior rather than teenagers.” “The space is being utilized by teenagers for what it was designed for, which is connecting to online buddies.”

He also mentioned that other applications had to deal with the same problems, but as they developed, they were able to block unsuitable content.

Turner made the observation that “people had a tendency to utilize it to send nudes in the early days of Snapchat.” “Over time, it evolved into what it is now, a venue for the expression of individuality.”

Instagram’s Monkey App Announcement

In response to direct messages wondering where the app went, the Monkey account on Instagram confirmed on April 20 that the question had been asked and stated, “We know the quarantine has you stuck at home and bored beyond belief.”

In light of recent events, we have some very exciting news to share with you, which, in addition to helping you maintain your social connections, will also keep you engaged. To ensure that you are the first to know, make sure that your Monkey notifications are turned on.

Therefore, if you are interested in downloading the Monkey app, you theoretically still have the option to do so. However, you do so at your own risk because it appears that the algorithm of the app has not yet caught up to the enormous number of sensual predators who are still using it.

Best Monkey App Alternatives or Options

Since the monkey app began receiving unfavorable reviews and its popularity has declined, it is now secure to use other social networking apps that are quite similar to the monkey app.

Monkey app: Parents warned about video chat connecting teens & strangers | Daily Telegraph

1. Chatroulette

Another social media software similar to the Monkey app, Chatroulette enables its users to connect with one another through the usage of the webcams and microphones that are included in it. It is one of the most well-liked and extensively used video calling apps, and it gives its users the ability to communicate to complete strangers on the app while they are using it on their own personal devices. The customer and users of this video chatting app are able to easily communicate with complete strangers from all around the world.

You are free to cut off any communication with a certain person if you decide that you do not like someone who lives here. The users don’t need to put in an effort to handle everything; all it takes is a few touches on their screen. This program is being used by a lot of people for their own personal goals of having fun and being excited.

People from a wide variety of places and nations have been brought together as a result of this. On this app, you can quickly connect with people who are single or in committed relationships, and you may use your camera to communicate your feelings and thoughts with them.

2. MeowChat

MeowChat brings unbridled pleasure and contentment in its entirety. It is a great place to meet new individuals from all around the world and to effortlessly communicate with them. It is a location where thousands of people can congregate and talk to one another, strengthening the bonds of friendship among them. This chatting app is home to a sizeable community of people who frequent and make their homes on the platform in order to find some surprising and fascinating discoveries about some engaging individuals.

It gives you the opportunity to find some fantastic friends from all around the world and to communicate immediately with complete strangers directly on the platform that you have loaded on your device. MeowChat gives you the ability to not only find people in your immediate vicinity but also people all over the world, and it’s quite easy to start a conversation with them by swiping left or right.

It gives you access to a private chat room where you and your friends can interact and play games together. By allowing you to have private conversations with any of your friends, MeowChat ensures that your privacy is protected and that you are safe from prying eyes. It is not only possible, but also comfortable, for you to share your belongings as well as your inner thoughts, taste, and many other elements.

3. Omeglit.com

Omeglit.com provides a secure environment in which users may rapidly connect with new people from all over the world and from their local area. It is a dating app that is used all over the world and helps users to make contact with a large number of fascinating people and begin a discussion with them. Because of its advanced capabilities, it enables its users to communicate openly and honestly even while they are in a protected environment.

This app is home to a large number of interesting people, all of whom are easily accessible to you so that you can begin a conversation with them at any moment that is most convenient for you. It will keep you safe and provide you with secure communication. It demonstrates an effective technique to engage with the individuals in your immediate environment.

There are even more fascinating revelations to be made regarding this app, which brings you closer to something amazing. You are free to choose anyone to share your opinions with, and you can randomly select anyone to initiate a meaningful or pointless chat with without any reluctance.

4. Fav Talk

The software known as “Fav Talk” gives users the opportunity to initiate communication with a sizeable number of other community members who share their passions and interests. With the assistance of this application, you will be able to broaden the circle of people you hold most important to you and communicate with them about your ideas and thoughts. Using this software, you will be able to easily communicate with them whenever you want to. You can also find a match with folks who share your way of thinking if you look hard enough.

It gives you the ability to select people based on how you want to begin a conversation and communicate with them. Better understanding can also be gained by obtaining further information about the people and the interests they have. It has certain special instructions and is reasonably easy to use, so you can adjust the settings to suit your preferences. Additionally, it has some user-friendly options. You even have the ability to modify settings that enable or restrict other people from looking for you.

It provides a function that is incredibly diverse and one of a kind in that it allows you to add individuals to your chat list whenever they find you and instantly adds them to the list. Because of this, chatting with other people who share your interests has become simpler thanks to Fav Talk.

5. Azar

Another intriguing social networking tool, Azar enables its users to speak with millions of total strangers located all over the world. This is a platform solely to meet and engage with genuine individuals who already exist in the world. Because only real people are able to join the Azar talking family after going through the app’s registration process, there are no con artists or artificial networks that are associated with this app in any way.

The app enables users to randomly video chat with people they don’t know. You will be the first individual to be required to create an account for yourself as you continue, and once you have done so, you will be granted the authority to discover and connect with thousands of new people all over the world with just a single swipe of your finger.

The improved functionality of Azar’s Region Preference and Instant Voice and Text Translator systems eliminates any potential for stumbling blocks to appear during conversations with other individuals, allowing things to proceed without a hitch.


Because it enabled users to meet new people online, interact with them, and share entertaining content with one another, the Monkey app became an instant hit almost immediately. The perverse behavior of some of its users is responsible for the platform’s waning appeal. However, this does not put a stop to your ability to get to know new people and develop new acquaintances. You do not need to utilize the Monkey app because there are many other options available to you that are risk-free and easy to operate.

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