Moniece Slaughter Says She’s Experiencing “Stress And Sleepless Nights” In Pregnancy Update


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Pregnancy, as you might already know, weighs heavy on the body. From discomfort to lack or excessive appetite and plenty other symptoms, the experience can be equally daunting and exciting. Recently, ‘Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood’ star Moniece Slaughter told social media followers that she’s taking another ride on the pregnancy. Already a mother to a son, Moniece announced she’s expecting a baby girl, whom she already named Dior.

“I’m tired of hiding in secrecy. Tired of being called a liar by my own mother. It’s crazy, so…cat’s out of the bag, it is what it is,” Moniece said during the initial announcement in early January.

At the time, Moniece revealed that she feels stressed because Dior was measuring smaller than she should be. She also alluded to being on bad terms with her ex-boyfriend and father of Dior. She said, “Dior is coming whether my ex wants to leave me alone or not.”

Well, in a pregnancy update given on Monday it seems like not much has changed.

“It’s just me and you Lil Mama, I got you,” Moniece wrote on a photo of her growing baby bump. “Now I need you to grow just a little bit more. We gon make it through the stress and the sleepless nights I promise.”

Moniece detailed that Dior was resting on her right side during the photo. She also mentioned some of the aches she’s been experiencing, including rib, teeth and back aches.

“I can barely breath when I lay on my back but you’re worth more than every ache and pain,” Moniece wrote.

In a follow-up post to her Instagram Story, Moniece wrote what seems to be a heated paragraph under a meme that says, “God took you out that crowd because your path is different.”

She began her short rant by saying she should’ve never given “weird a** n****s” a second chance. Moniece also says the streets didn’t see or hear from her since before she got pregnant with her son Kam.

“Y’all myfuxkas out here losing y’all minds. Apparently I’m the only real n***a in the room the only one that outgrew the BS,” Moniece wrote. “Ya’ll gotta get it together ya’ll in the 40 plus club acting worse than the 21yr old version of me.”

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