Kevin Durant Trends Following Facial Reaction To Being Asked About His Nickname


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One thing about Kevin Durant, he will serve you whatever energy he thinks you deserve. The NBA player doesn’t hold back with his word, but especially with his facial expressions. Fans got a taste of his reactions at a press conference and the innanet couldn’t get enough!

As you may already know, Kevin plays for the Brooklyn Nets. The NBA team held their media day on Monday. Apparently, comedian and televisions show host David Letterman opted to attend the event posing as a reporter. At the beginning, it was unclear whether he intended to play a prank or was simply filming for his own platform. Nonetheless, he introduced himself as “Dave from Basketball Digest.

“KD, why do people call you KD,” Dave asks Kevin. Before he can answer, David follows up asking if he can call KD by that nickname. “Yeah,” Kevin immediately responded. He follows that up with the explanation David wants to know.

“My first name is Kevin, with a K and my last name is Durant, with a D,” Kevin said.

The response had folks on social media going nuts. Not only are the words sharp and sarcastic, but the blank and seemingly annoyed face tells it all.

Then, David asks him what percentage of effort he plans to give on the court. Kevin responds saying “110%.”

Kevin seemingly goes along with this act by David, until the fake reporter brings up the Knicks. David reveals he spoke to the Dolan family, owners of the New York Knicks, and that the NBA is allowing Kevin to play for the Knicks on days off from the Nets.

“All right, Dave, that was the last one,” the NBA champion said. “They let anyone in here.”

Check out the trending clip below:

But David, being a comedian, decided to squeeze one last question in about whether Kevin giggles when playing the Pelicans. Kevin, finally cracking a laugh, simply says “yeah.”

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