Kanye Isn’t ‘Giving Up Without A Fight’ – Even As Kim Confirms She Doesn’t Want To Be With Him!


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Kanye West is really hoping things work out OK with Kim Kardashian, even if every one of her recent behaviors explicitly indicates she’s aiming to be legally single as soon as possible.

According to a source close to the 44-year-old rapper, his estrangement from the reality TV star is — in his mind, at least — by no means a permanent thing? And he’s apparently doing whatever he can to win her back. But will it work, especially if she doesn’t want to go back to him?

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A source close to the Chicago-born producer and fashion designer spoke up about Ye’s current mindset regarding Kim in a new report published by People on Tuesday afternoon. In it, the insider is quick to pull the “family man” card on behalf of the Jesus Walks superstar, explaining that he really just wants to keep the Kimye crew together:

“[Kanye] is family man at heart [whose] love and commitment [to his family] will never change. He’s not giving up without a fight. Kim is the mother of his children and he’s not going to just let that go. No matter if they’re husband and wife, they’ll always support each other. Her recent filing or any filing for that matter doesn’t mean he’s going to stop fighting to win her back.”

Hmmm… We love that idea about commitment to family!

But that last sentence, all that talk about how he’s apparently not going to stop fighting to “win [Kim] back” is not great! Kim is an adult — and a very capable one at that — and in moving forward with the divorce she appears to be making a well-considered decision that she’s thought about for a long period of time.

So while this idea that he has to “win her back” may seem romantic to some, it’s also kind of patronizing! And definitely patriarchal!

Yeah, we’re throwing up our hands in disbelief, too! Just not for the same reason as Kanye is here… / (c) SNL/Drink Champs/YouTube

It doesn’t seem like that would phase Ye at all, though.

The source continued on with this comment (below), doubling down on the rapper’s alleged commitment to reconcile with Kim no matter what:

“Despite the recent filing by Kim, Kanye hasn’t lost hope to be with Kim again. As he goes out more and he’s holding events and concerts, he’s always inviting Kim and will continue to do so. His sole priority is making sure she’s taken care of and treated like a queen, whether they’re married or not. That will always be a priority and that will never change.”

Of course, he’s already invited Kim to one recent concert and we all saw how that went, so maybe this isn’t a great idea?!

Just saying!

What do U make of Kim and Kanye’s current situation, Perezcious readers??

Sound OFF with your take on Kimye’s ongoing legal battle and (unlikely?) reconciliation down in the comments (below)…

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