Ingenious Methods for Obtaining High-Quality Backlinks

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Backlinks are a significant ranking element for most search engines, including Google. You should do building backlinks if you want to conduct SEO for your website and receive relevant organic traffic. The more authoritative websites that connect to your website, the better your reputation will be in Google’s eyes. And you’ll rule the SERPS.

Link building has a bad reputation nowadays, and it’s commonly connected with link spamming. That, however, should not be the case.

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how to sell backlinks? Simple Methods for Selling Backlinks Online

Position Your Service Uniquely

Because of Matt Cutts, there was still a lot of concern and anger surrounding the notion of “guest posting” in 2017.

That’s why I understood I needed to reposition my service. Furthermore, there were already a plethora of guest writing services.

As a result, I decided to title my service “Blogger Outreach Service.”

I, too, did not come up with this notion by accident, and I just conducted keyword research and discovered it—more on it in a moment.

  1. Create a Content Marketing Funnel Focused on SEO

Understanding and implementing an effective content marketing funnel is essential for boosting online sales.

A classic content marketing funnel looks like this:

The crucial distinction that I emphasize is creating SEO-driven content at the top of the funnel. In other words, I develop material that is keyword-targeted.

Make ToFu Content

I’m a firm believer in the notion of “predictable outcomes.” It’s a technique I learned from Frank Kern, and it’s easy (yet powerful)

is how it works:

You show a prospect how to get a result (so they can see the results ahead of time) and then sell a product or service that makes achieving that outcome easier, faster, and so on.

Make MoFu Content

If I were to recreate this service today, I would have generated more content for the middle of the funnel, such as webinars or lead magnets.

The sole MoFu activity I encouraged prospects to sign up for a free account.

Highlight the Most Important Advantage

Outsourcing your link development has various advantages, and the most important is time savings. That’s why I underlined the need for a proper link acquisition campaign:

Demonstrate to the prospect how much time and work they will save by using your service.

Call Attention to Your Target Market

Who is the most appropriate individual to utilize your product or service? Once you’ve sorted it out, state unequivocally: no product or service is suitable for everyone. That is why you must devote a significant effort to imagining your ideal consumer and its well-spent time.

Create a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) (USP)

What distinguishes your product or service from the competition?

I spent a significant amount of time evaluating feedback from consumers who bought services from link sellers on Black Hat World.

My objective was to determine whether there were any common complaints or concerns. In this manner, I developed a service based on actual customer input (instead of guessing).

Here are some of the most common “issues” I attempted to fix with my service:

Make An Effort to Acquire Social Proof

Without social evidence, don’t even try to sell a thing online. It’s critical.

In reality:

I must give significant discounts to consumers who submitted reviews about my service.

To get more testimonials, reduce the price of your product or give it away for free.

Do all it takes to obtain them since they will significantly influence sales.

Intelligent Pricing

Pricing is a topic in and of itself, but I’ve learned a few things along the way.

Determine the “competitive” prices for your goods or service.

In most circumstances, then make yours more “expensive.”

That implies you’ll need some edge to command higher costs. Sometimes your brand’s equity, and other times, it will be unique traits that are difficult to imitate.

Existing Customers Should Be Sold To

Have you ever heard the saying, “It costs five times as much to attract a new client as it does to maintain an existing one”?

This must be in your memory.

It is easier and more lucrative to sell to current clients (since you do not have to spend money on advertising or time nurturing them).

What I Wouldn’t Do Differently

Sometimes, it is necessary to step away from a project to determine what you would have done differently.

Do you want to hear what I discovered after some thought?

My implementation of marketing for these services was abysmal!

That’s why I’d want to discuss two things I would do if I were starting over today (knowing what I know now)

Should Backlinks Be Sold? Here Are Some of the Most Commonly Asked Questions

I no longer provide link-building services as of March 1, 2019. The text explains everything, but I needed my mind to be clean to give Gotch SEO Academy my full attention.

I’m the first to acknowledge that I’m a bit of a scatterbrain, and I tend to leap from one notion to the next. That’s why I have to train myself to focus; otherwise, I won’t get anything done. I’ve also learned that the capacity to maintain a steady focus on high-impact initiatives is critical to success.

Should Backlinks Be Sold in 2021?

You should not “sell backlinks.” Sell time savings and outcomes. Link construction takes time and is logistically challenging, and you must concentrate your sales message on these issues. By giving your skills, you are merely reducing the “suffering.

The market for selling backlinks is competitive, but that’s because it’s a great way to make money online.


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