How Many Pathfinder Languages?


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In this blog post we discuss about Pathfinder Languages.


How Many Pathfinder Languages?

The Pathfinder language is a programming language that has been around since the early 1970s. It was created to be used for business applications and it has become one of the most popular languages for this purpose, along with COBOL. However, there are many different versions of Pathfinder – many more than you might think.

Pathfinder Language Groups : r/Pathfinder_RPG


Starting Pathfinder Languages

Pathfinder languages are an interesting and exciting way to learn a new language. They’re also surprisingly easy to use! The basics of how it works is that you start with the Pathfinder Languages app, find your native language on the map, click on it and then choose which other language you want to learn. You can either go from one language to another or just jump back and forth between them in order to get a feel for both.

It’s important not only to be able to speak but also read in this case so we suggest learning at least one writing system as well. Once all of these steps have been completed, you’ll be set up for success when using Pathfinder Languages.


Pathfinder Languages Intelligence

There are so many different languages in the world, but some of them can be extremely difficult to learn. If you have taken a look at the official list of languages on Wikipedia, it’s easy to see that there are nearly seven thousand different languages spoken around the globe!

Of course this is not including all of the different dialects within these languages. It can be overwhelming trying to learn one language let alone several. Luckily there are tools out there that help us learn these new tongues with ease, and I’m here today with three examples that will definitely assist you with learning any language you choose.


List of Pathfinder Languages

The languages are sorted by the type of language. Languages which are not specified as being spoken are written in italics, and details about these languages can be found on either the individual race page or on this blog post’s comments section. All titles below correspond to the name given to that specific language (and any variations) by its speakers, with English translation in parentheses after each title where applicable.

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The following is a list of languages available for Pathfinder characters:


Name Races Location Secret Dead Unlearnable
Aboleth Aboleths Deep Sea Yes
Abyssal Demons The Abyss
Adlet Adlet
Aklo Abberrations/Derro
Ancient Osiriani Human (Osirion) Osirion Yes
Aquan Water Creatures Water Plane
Auran Flying Creatures Air Plane
Azlanti Human (Azlanti) Azlant Yes
Boggards Boggards Swamp
Canto Darklands
Catfolk Catfolk
Celestial Angels Good Planes
Cyclops Cyclops, Giants Yes
D’ziriak D’ziriak Shadow Plane
Dark Folk Dark Folk
Draconic Dragons, Reptilians
Drow Sign Language/Sakvroth Drow Darklands Yes Yes
Druidic Druids Yes Yes
Dtang Human (Tian-Dtang) Dtang Ma, Tian Xia
Dwarven Dwarves
Ekekeh Ekekeh First World
Elven Elves
Erutaki Human (Erutaki) Crown of the World
First Speech Fey The First World
Flail Snail Flail Snail Yes
Garuda Garudas
Giant Cyclops, Giants
Girtablilu Girtablilu
Gnoll Gnolls
Gnome Gnomes
Goblin Goblins
Grippli Grippli
Gug Gugs Darklands
Halfling Halfling
Hallit Human (Kellid) Numeria/Irrisen
Hon-La Human (Tian-La) Northern Tian Xia
Hwan Human (Tian-Hwan) Hwanggot
Ib Ib shades Ib
Ignan Fire Creatures Fire Plane
Infernal Devils Hell
Iobarian Human (Iobarian) Iobaria
Jangedayan Jandelay
Jistka Jistka Imperium Yes
Kech Kech
Kelish Humans (Keleshite) Kelesh
Kuru Kuru The Shackles
Minatan Human (Tian-Sing) Minata, Tian Xia
Minkaian/Minkan Human (Tian-Min) Minkai, Tian Xia
Munavri Munavris Darklands
Necril Ghouls
Orc Orcs
Orvian Vaults of Orv
Osiriani Human (Osirion) Osirion
Polyglot Human (Mwangi) Mwangi Expanse
Protean Proteans The Maelstrorm
Reptoid Reptoid
Rougarou Rougarou
Samsaran Samsaran
Sasquatch Orang-Pendak
Senzar Kami, Kitsune Tian Xia
Shadowtongue Human (Nidalese) Nidal
Shae Shae Shadow Plane
Shoanti Human (Shoanti) Varisia
Shory Shory Empire Yes
Sign Language
Skald Human (Ulfen) Land of the Linnorm Kings
Sphinx Sphinxes
Strix Strix
Sylvan Fey, Plants
Syrinx Syrinx
Tanuki Tanuki
Tekritanin Tekritanin League Yes
Tengu Tengu
Terran Earth Creatures Earth Plane
Thassilonian Human (Thassilonian) Varisia Yes
Thriae Thriae
Tien Human (Tian) Tian Xia
Treant Treants
Undercommon Drow, Duergar Darklands
Vanaran Vanaras
Varisian Human (Varisian) Varisia
Varki Human (Varki) Icemark
Vegepygmy Vegepygmies
Vishkanya Vishkanya
Vudrani Human (Vudrani) Vudra
Wayang Wayang Shadow Plane
Worg Barghest


Alien Languages

Name Races Location
Androffan Androffans Androffa/Numeria
Brethedan Brethedans Bretheda
Cyrunian Witchwyrds
Elder Thing Elder Things
Grioth Grioths
Kasatha Kasathas Kasath
Lashunta Lashuntas Castrovel
Mi-Go Mi-Go
Ningese Triaxians Triaxus
Shobhad Shobhads Akiton
Triaxian Triaxians Triaxus
Yaddithian Yaddithian
Yitihian Yithians


Strange Aeons



Reign of Winter

Church Slavonic



Name Race Location
Arabic Human Earth
Bantu Human Earth
Barsoomian Barsoomian/Martians Barsoom/Mars
Berber Human Earth
English Human Earth
French Human Earth
German Human Earth
Hyrkanian Human Earth
Latin Human Earth
Mangani Apes Earth
Oparian Oparians Earth (Opar)
Pal-ul-donian Earth
Romanian Human Earth


Unsure or NOT Languages





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