Halle Bailey Responds To Backlash After Covering ‘Hrs And Hrs


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If you haven’t heard singer/songwriter Muni Long’s song ‘Hrs and Hrs,’ you must be living under a rock! The song is one of the hottest R&B songs out right now. You cannot go down your timeline without seeing a video with the song or hearing a celebrity covering it. Today, Halle Bailey decided to put her own twist on the bop and dropped a cover singing this song.

Shared on Instagram, the video has over 620k views. Although Halle put her all into it, not everyone was moved by her vocals. In Muni’s version, she sings in a low octave compared to Halle’s version, singing in a higher octave. People quickly reacted to Halle’s vocals on Twitter. One person tweeted, “Halle Bailey did a cover for ‘Hrs and Hrs,’ somebody gonna say is giving milliseconds and milliseconds.” 

Another person tweeted, “The last bit of “like” I had for Hrs and Hrs,’ Halle Bailey just fu***d it up.” Halle didn’t take too much time to respond. The singer let out a tweet saying, “I love the song but sang it an octave higher because it’s too low for me! Lol, my sopranos can relate.”

Even though Halle got some hate, she received tons of support in her comments from several people, including Muni Long. She commented, “This voice!” Even DDG, her rumored boo, left fire emojis in her comment section. Halle isn’t the only person that covered the love song. Recently, Tank’s daughter Jordan Babbs and Inayah Lamis released versions. Roomies, do you think Halle should have responded to the backlash?

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