Who Is Glennon Doyle Married To? Who Is Glennon Doyle Ex-Husband?


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At the beginning of the 21st century, Glennon Doyle was widely recognized as one of the most successful and widely read mommy bloggers in the entire world. This was in large part attributable to her family life with her ex-husband, Craig Melton.

In 2009, when Doyle made the decision to give up her career and become a stay-at-home mother, she turned to the internet in the hopes of breaking out of her bubble of exhaustion and isolation. Doyle’s decision to give up her career and become a stay-at-home mother was prompted by her desire to spend more time with her children.

Her outlook was that each day was “too much and not enough,” and she discovered that writing blog posts was the perfect outlet for her to flex her creative muscles and express her thoughts.

Since then, Doyle has established himself as a significant figure in the field of literary studies. She is the author of three autobiographies, in which she discusses all aspects of her life, including her struggles with addiction and the breakup of her marriage to her ex-husband. She is responsible for the publication of these books.

Get Untamed, her most recent memoir, is one of the most successful autobiographies ever written. In fact, the book was so influential that it was the impetus for Adele’s most recent musical endeavor.

The fact that Doyle is so open and honest about the specifics of her personal life is one of the many reasons why she is the most interesting character in the show.

Her second memoir is the most vulnerable of her works, and it is in this book that she details in excruciating detail the series of events that led to her breakup with Melton. Her first memoir is also vulnerable, but it is not as vulnerable as her second memoir. Her first memoir focused on her youth and her experiences growing up.

How Glennon Doyle Rose To Fame

When Doyle first became aware of the severity of her need for human connection, she was living in Centreville with her three children and devoting every waking moment to spending time with them. This is when she realized that she was severely lacking in human connection.

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She was aware that she could not just get up and leave the house, so she looked on Facebook and saw that many people were posting lists with the heading “25 Things About Me.” She decided to make her own list of 25 things about herself and post it on Facebook.

Doyle consciously decided to participate in the trend by publishing an essay in which she discussed her thoughts on motherhood, marriage, and the general state of affairs as a housewife. In the essay, she also discussed the general state of affairs as a housewife.

In preparation for a profile that was written about him and published in The Washington Post, Doyle recalled the following information:

“I’m a recovering food and alcohol addict, but I still find myself missing food and booze in the same perverse way that someone can still love a person who beats them and leaves them for dead,” was the sixth piece of advice that I offered.

While Doyle had used the Facebook challenge to show the version of herself that was the most true to who she really is, a friend had used the number six spot to share that hummus is their go-to snack food.

“All of a sudden, I found myself going, ‘Ohhhhhhh, crap. Even in this location, we won’t be participating in that activity,’ stated Doyle.

She quickly came to the realization that Facebook was not the most appropriate platform for airing out her grievances or candidly discussing life with her now-ex-husband. Rather, she chose to do both of these things on her personal blog.

Despite the fact that Doyle was hesitant to share additional details about her life, the messages that she received from her friends and family encouraged her to start writing about her experiences. Despite her reluctance, Doyle began writing about her experiences.

She was even asked to speak about her mild postpartum depression at Church; however, she used the platform to discuss her history of addiction and times when she wanted to end her life by killing herself instead of talking about her postpartum depression.

Doyle stated that after the conclusion of her sermon, there was a line of people waiting to share with her their most intimate, profound, and shameful recollections with her.

She disclosed to her ex-husband Melton that she had at long last discovered her vocation when she told him that she wanted to be a “truth-teller” after realizing that people needed a platform to share their stories. She came to this realization after realizing that people needed a platform to share their stories.

In that year, Doyle made the decision to officially launch Monastery, and almost immediately afterward, he began to garner significant attention as a blogger.

Carry On, Warrior was the title of Doyle’s first collection of essays, which she published in April 2013. She received multiple book deals after the popularity of her online posts caused them to go viral, which led to the collection of essays being published under that name.

The unfortunate event that transpired when Melton admitted that he had been unfaithful to her during the course of their marriage temporarily dampened her happiness. Melton’s admission that he had been unfaithful to her during their marriage.

Who Is Craig Melton?

Craig Melton was a successful model who was frequently mentioned on Glennon Doyle’s blog before the public discovered that he was Glennon Doyle’s ex-husband.

There is not a lot of information available about Melton before the author’s marriage to him, but the specifics of their fourteen-year marriage have sparked a lot of conversation about his accomplishments throughout the years.

Love Warrior was Doyle’s second memoir, and it was published in the year 2016.

In this section, she went into great detail about the events that led up to the dissolution of her marriage, beginning with how she and her ex-husband first met and ending with how he destroyed her hopes for a happy and lasting marriage.

Love Warrior tells the tale of how the exes first became acquainted while participating in a bar crawl in the city of Washington and the struggles they overcame while maintaining the appearance of a typical married couple.

Doyle opens up about her abortion, their small backyard wedding, as well as Melton’s p*run addiction and infidelity in her memoir, which makes for a painfully raw reading experience.

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She went on to explain that they had to cooperate in order to get through all of this for the sake of their children and that therapy and introspection ultimately led both of them to the conclusion that it would be best for them to go their separate ways.

Although Doyle was initially hesitant to share the story of their family, Doyle’s ex-husband came to the conclusion that doing so would ultimately set both of them free.

The once-hot model who is now depicted as a typical suburban dad is not portrayed as the book’s antagonist.

Instead, Doyle responds to the circumstance with grace, mindful of the fact that her ex-husband was forced to accompany her on the journey.

Doyle’s telling of the story frequently positions Melton as the story’s most sympathetic character.

“He is a believer in this truth-telling thing, even though it is scary and hard, and we believe in it as a way of life.”

She made the announcement in an official capacity on her blog, where she also shared with her audience her admiration for Melton and how pleased she is with him for accepting responsibility for the devastating errors he made.

What Happened Next?

Doyle chose not to let the divorce destroy her and instead focused all of her strength and the pain she was experiencing on her work.

During her book tour in 2016, she became acquainted with the retired soccer player Abby Wambach, and later that year, she tweeted that the two were dating.

When they first met, both of them had recently been through a divorce and were on the lookout for someone they could call their true love.

Despite the fact that the relationship was contentious due to Doyle’s public proclamation of her faith as a Christian, she received support from her followers, her children, and even her ex-husband, who wrote the following:

“They are such blessed children to have so much love in their lives. Every night, the six of us sit down for dinner together, and Abby is in charge of the cooking. (Because Jesus adores me, she is an EXCEPTIONALLY talented cook.) We all attend the school parties that our children have. We are a sophisticated and lovely family unit. Our children receive love from us. So loved. They are courageous as a result of all of the love that they have received.

In the year 2020, Wambach discussed her role as a stepmother to Doyle and Melton’s children. She commended Doyle’s ex-husband, Melton’s biological father, for his acceptance of the new family dynamic.

Wambach shared her gratitude to Craig by stating, “Craig gave me the biggest gift by allowing me into the family dynamic.” “He validated their feelings for me and gave them permission to do so.”

Are Glennon Doyle and her ex-husband on speaking terms?

During their fourteen years of marriage, Glennon Doyle and Craig Melton welcomed three children into the world: Chase, Tish, and Amma. In 2016, the couple finalized their divorce. After getting divorced in 2002, Abby Wambach began dating Glennon, and the two of them eventually fell in love.

After officially announcing their relationship in November 2016, Abby Glennon and Matt got married in May of the following year. Both of them have been married before, but this was their second time getting married together. They are still together and are very active on social media.

The ex-husband of Glennon Doyle, on the other hand, has made the decision not to get married in the near future and is consequently single at the present time.

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Because it would be beneficial for their offspring, Glennon and Melton have agreed to maintain communication. They started sharing parental responsibilities many years ago in order to give their children more consistency in their lives, and it appears that they are succeeding very well in this endeavor.

They are both on good terms with each other, as evidenced by the fact that they are frequently seen on Instagram celebrating holidays and weekends together. You can find Glennon Doyle and Abby Wambach’s images and updates on Instagram by searching for either of their names.

Glennon launched a podcast with the title “We Can Do Hard Things” (WCDHT) with the intention of bringing attention to a wide variety of issues, such as mental health, anxiety, and therapy, amongst others.

As a direct consequence of this, she is now an advocate for drug rehabilitation and prevention programs aimed at young people. She wanted to help children because she herself had an addiction problem and had been through a lot of suffering in her life before she decided to help children. She struggled with alcoholism and frequently passed out from drinking too much on multiple occasions.

Frequently asked questions

Who is the lucky man to have married Glennon Doyle Melton?

In just a few short years, the fire turned into ice. Despite the fact that both of them were well-known prior to meeting one another, the public’s attention was captured when Abby Wambach and Glennon Doyle announced that they were dating in November 2016 and then married at the beginning of 2017.

Is it true that Craig Melton, who previously shared a marriage with Glenn Doyle, recently tied the knot?

Doyle Melton and her family uprooted their lives and relocated all the way to Naples, Florida, from Centreville, Virginia. Additionally, Abby Wambach went on a book tour with Doyle as his tour companion. It was discovered in November 2016 that Doyle is involved in a romantic relationship with Wambach. They exchanged wedding vows on May 14th, 2017.

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Is Glennon’s relationship with Abby still active?

They parted ways toward the end of 2016. Craig Melton and Glennon Doyle were married beginning in 2004 and remained together until his passing in 2016. They have three children of their own of which they are the parents. Both Abby and Glennon were able to identify the aspects of their previous marriages that were problematic, which aided in their understanding of what works.

Who is Craig Melton’s current life partner, if anyone knows?

Although Mr. Melton has been divorced and lives on his own at the present time, the possibility exists that he will wed again in the future. Prior to their divorce, he was married to Glennon Doyle. In 2002, not long after the birth of their first child, the couple tied the knot and officially became husband and wife. In the year 2016, after having been a married couple for the previous 14 years, Craig and Glennon made the decision to end their marriage.

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