Drake Shares Adorable Video Of His 4-Year-Old Son Adonis Speaking Perfect French – Watch!


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C’est très adorable!!!

On Friday, Drake took to Instagram to share a video of himself and his 4-year-old son Adonis having a hilarious conversation together, in which the little one showed off his language skills – and confidence. In the clip, Adonis pondered whether he will ever grow to be the same height as the 35-year-old rapper, first asking if he would “get much bigger.” Drake replied:

“I don’t think so. You’re pretty tall. Do you think you’re going to be bigger than me?”

Without hesitation, Adonis agreed:

“Yeah. I’m going to be like, old.”

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Then, the child asked the Degrassi alum if he wanted him to teach him how to speak “en Français” and started to rattle off a sentence to his father. FYI, his momma is French artist Sophie Brussaux — so he’s clearly being raised bilingual. While Drake seemed to understand Adonis at first, even speaking back a couple of words, the actor admitted he needed some help with the translation. The kid clarified:

“I said, ‘when you’re all older and you’re broken and you’re going to turn back into space.’”

To which the musician questioned:

“Is that really what you said or are you just making stuff up?”

When Adonis remained tight-lipped about whether or not he pieced some random words together in French, Drake just laughed and expressed:

“You’re a funny guy.”

It is just too cute! Ch-ch-check out the sweet interaction (below):

[Image via Drake/Instagram, Euan Cherry/WENN]


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