Doodie Lo Says He Forgives FTN Bae For Sexual Assault Allegations: “I Just Wanted To Always Show My Innocence”


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After FTN Bae went live to clear Doodie Lo’s name of sexual allegations, OTF Doodie Lo took to his Instagram page and went live. The rapper stated he forgives his ex because “he has a forgiving heart.”

Doodie Lo stated, “At the end of the day, I ain’t gon’ lie to y’all. I forgive her… I forgive her. You feel me? I got a forgiving heart.” Doodie Lo continued to express, “It did f**k some s**t. My kids, my family, my team…we went through a lot.” Saying he wanted to clear his name, Doodie Lo stated, “I just wanted to always show my innocence.”

“A lot of people bashing her. I ain’t really into bashing her. I don’t know…my heart different. My blessings always come. My blessings ain’t stop.” He ended his live with mentioning his tour and telling fans, “I love y’all.”

As previously reported, FTN Bae stated her son claimed  he “made up” the story because he was “pooping in his pants.” FTN Bae didn’t elaborate too much on the conversation she alleges took place with her son, but she did say that she was going to “slide” for her son, when she initially heard the news.

FTN Bae also publicly apologized and stated Doodie Lo took a lie detector test and passed. She also stated she “never tried to ruin his career” nor was she looking for “clout.”

“It’s done. It’s over with; he passed his test. My son told the truth. I genuinely do feel bad. I just needed him to help me.” She also stated she doesn’t know “why he said that s**t. I don’t know where that came from.”

 Roomies, what do you think about this situation?


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