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24th Police District Council & Its Role

Chicago’s 24th police district council houses the 40th and 48th wards of the West Ridge neighborhood (Chicago), West Rogers Park and Rogers Park neighborhoods (Chicago), and 49th and 50th wards of the Rogers Park neighborhood.

As of October 2022, there are (as of then) 22 Police District Councils in Chicago (there are no 13th, 21st, or 23rd districts). Each of the Police District Councils includes three individuals who stand for election in the regular municipal election every four years. They can serve as an officer for more than 12 years in total. A District Council member’s primary duty is to help on the city’s behalf.

Other functions that the Police District Councils serve:

Law enforcement and the local community improve each other’s relationships at the neighborhood level, where the community is an integral partner in making the area safer. They collaborate in priority-setting and solving problems and programs, such as community policing initiatives.

Branch out to hold monthly public forums where local citizens can share tips, allow participants to critique local police practices, and call for additional accountability. Hold the community forum to come to the community to listen to neighborhood opinions and raise a concern about the police. Assist the community in blowing the whistle on police practices and uphold accountability.

Communities help to ensure the Community Commission for Public Safety and Accountability conducts its work based on what its residents are concerned about. The members elect a Commissioner to represent the Community Commission. All members serving the Community Commission must get prior approval from the council members.

Chicago Crime & Gang Violence

Chicago, in the past, has seen countless instances of local news coverage concerning crimes, including murders to car thefts. Many of these incidents have taken place within impoverished sections of the South Side and Westside.

In the past, politicians either ignored the increasing crime and gang violence or suggested that we use forceful action (Federally or State) to stop it. For this to occur, the governor of a state would have to be faced with a State of emergency to have the National Guard step in.


In conclusion,Dewforpolitics provides an excellent resource for progressive democrats looking to stay current on local and statewide politics. The website is well-written, informative, and easy to navigate. The 24th Police District Council provides an excellent example of how a local government can work together to improve the community.


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