Denise Lombardo Biography, Career, Husband, Age, Siblings

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Denise Lombardo is an American celebrity who was born on November 11th, 1963 in the state of Ohio. She is best known for being the ex-wife of Jordan Belfort, the famous “Wolf of Wall Street.” The album “Growing Seeds of Decay,” which was created by Septycal George, is another project that the 56-year-old is recognized for working on.

Denice Lombardo has finished lots for herself since she commenced her career; many human beings nonetheless recognise her because the ex-spouse of Jordan Belfort. In this textI can share Denise Lombardo biography, profession, age, husband, siblings, internet worth, and a few other things you probably didn’t understand approximately her. 

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Lombardo was raised alongside her two sisters, Deanna and Lisa, during her formative years. Her parents, Anthony Fiorito and Ann Lombardo are of Italian descent, and she was born under the Scorpio zodiac sign.

NameDenise Lombardo
Date of birth11th November 1963
Age27 years
ProfessionReal estate agent
Zodiac SignScorpio
SiblingsDeanna Lombardo,
Lisa Scordato,
Paul Lombardo
FatherAnthony Florito
MotherAnn Lombardo
Net worth$2.5 million – $3 million

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Who is Denise Lombardo? Wiki, Biography, Age, Husband, Kids & Facts About Jordan Belfort's Ex-Wife

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She attended Townson University and eventually earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration from that institution. After that, Denise Lombardoworked in the sales department of Modern Medical Systems for seven years, after which she went to work for Smith and Nephew. After that, she got a job at Home Depot, and then in the year 2000, she got her real estate license and started working for Prudential Douglas Elliman.

It is estimated that Denise Lombardo has a net worth of close to three million dollars. Since she went through a divorce, she has avoided the public eye; nevertheless, due to the fact that another lady with the same name and the same line of work maintains a Twitter presence, some people have the impression that the other Denise Lombardois the one in question.

Relationship Status

Denise’s whole dating history, including the names of the people she was involved with before she met Belfort, is a well-guarded secret. Nevertheless, even information about their marriage is not well known to this day; the couple wed in 1985 and divorced in 1991.

Both years are included in the timeline. The couple did not have any children together; however, Belfort now has two children with his second wife, Nadine Cardi, whom he wed in 1991 and who he has two children with. He wed Anne Koppe in 2008, and to this day they are still married and living together. Denise Lombardoalso remarried a man only referred to as Mlady after her first marriage ended.


Ex-Husband Jordan Belfort

Cancer is Jordan Ross Belfort’s zodiac sign and he was born on July 9, 1962, in Queens, New York, United States. This makes him 57 years old and gives him the Cancer zodiac sign. Although he is primarily known for the scam he committed in the 1990s, he is now also well known as an author and motivational speaker. He became more well-known after being portrayed in Martin Scorsese’s movie “The Wolf of Wall Street,” which was released in 2013.

It is believed that Belfort earned $20,000 selling Italian Ice in the time period following his graduation from high school and prior to his enrollment in college. He attended American University for his undergraduate education and earned a degree in biology there.

After that, he enrolled in the School of Dentistry at the University of Maryland, but he quit on the first day after being informed that the golden age of dentistry was past and that he would not be able to get wealthy practicing dentistry.

Eduaction of Denise Lombrado 

Denise attended her primary education at a local faculty inside the neighbourhood of Ohio. Therein, she acquired her elementary school certification and later had her high school at Bayside high school.
Upon commencement, she preceded to the prestigious Adelphi University, where she studied and acquired a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature— magnificence of 1987. She becomes a member of Alpha Omicron Pi, an international girls’s fraternity founded on January 2, 1897, all through her university days.

Later, she attended Towson Universityobtaining a Bachelor of Science diploma in business administration in 1992. For the duration of her years at the university, she changed into a devoted member of Alpha Omicron Pi. Moreover, she furthered her trainingobtaining a grasp’s degree in academic management and administration widespread from the distinguished Australian Catholic University.

Jordan Belfort Career

Before he became famous, Jordan worked in New York as a meat and seafood salesman. When asked about his time in that industry, he indicated that he originally had success, by selling 5,000 pounds of meat every week. However, because of the impending threat of bankruptcy to this company, Jordan decided to pursue a career as a stockbroker instead. In the years that followed, Belfort established Stratton Oakmont, a brokerage business that would eventually bring him a great deal of renown.

Belfort had a lavish lifestyle, attended parties, and became addicted to the hallucinogenic narcotic Quaalude as a result of his apparent enormous success in business. However, he is most known for his book “The Wolf of Wall Street.” “I grew greedy. … Greed is not good. When reflecting on that time, the author made the observation that “ambition is good” and “Passion is good.” Another significant problem for Belfort at the time was a stock fraud he committed that totaled $1 billion and served as the basis for the films “Boiler Room” and “The Wolf of Wall Street.” As a consequence of his actions, Jordan was sent to the Taft Correctional Institution in California to serve a term of 22 months.

However, as a result of having his eyes opened by this incident, he was able to turn his life around and make amends to his former customers.


Both of Belfort’s memoirs, “The Wolf of Wall Street” and “Catching the Wolf of Wall Street,” have been well received by readers, and the books have been translated into 18 different languages and have been distributed in 40 different countries. Belfort made the best of a bad situation by writing two autobiographies: “The Wolf of Wall Street” and “Catching the Wolf of Wall Street.” On the other hand, there are many who hold the opinion that the author made up a sizeable amount of the events that are described in the book.

In the film “The Wolf of Wall Street,” which was released in 2013, Leonardo DiCaprio portrayed Jordan Belfort. Belfort himself had a more supporting part in the film.

Denise Lombrado weight and Height

Lombardo stands five ft inches above the floorabout 157 centimeters, and 1.57 millimeters, respectively. Aspect by means of facet, she weighed 61 kilograms or one hundred thirty five LBS on the time.

What’s more, 35, 38, and 36 are her body measurements, even as she has a brown-coloured pair of eyes and brown hair kind. She practices the Christian form of religion and belongs to the White ethnicity.


Denise Lombardo Parent and Siblings

Anthony Florito is her father’s nameeven as Ann Lombardo is her mother’s. On a similar word, Deanna Lombardo and Lisa Scordato are the names of her sisters, whilst Paul Lombardo is the name of her best brother.
Meet Denise Lombardo Ex-Wife of Jordan Belfort - ZestVine - 2022Denise Lombardo’s Marriage with Denise and how it ended
Jordan Belfort (born 1962) and Denise Lombardo have regarded every other when you consider that Bayside excessive school, so it was not a thriller that they deliberate to stay their lives collectively and for all timeproperlyuntil money came and a person got over excited.

Tying the wedding knot together with her first husband, Jordan Belfort, in 1985, Denise and Belfort lived fortunately together. Jordan turned into running a meat and seafood promoting business on the age of 25. However she give up the businessannouncing that the enterprise had low ROI. it is well worth noting that Jordan graduated from American college with a diploma in Dentistry. He became a born salesman who paid for his faculty payments through promoting on the seashore. He nearly became a dentist; however his professor discouraged him via hinting that the profession wasn’t worthwhile, which did not take a seat well with Jordan.
Jordan started out his journey into the economic international as a stockbroker trainee for L.F. Rothschild. Jordan could later create his own enterprise, Stratton Securities franchise, together with his previous co-employee Kenneth Greene. 

They secured $250,000 inside five months, purchased Stratton Securities, and renamed it Stratton Oakmont, in 1991, 6 years into his marriage and two years into his beneficial commercial enterprise, Jordan made a fortune – a whopping quantity of $30 million in commissions, however the feds had been on him; he had some fishy deal taking place.


Motivational Speaking

It should come as no surprise that Belfort uses his success in business to inspire audiences through the delivery of motivational speeches. When Jordan first started doing that, his primary focus was on morality and inspiration; however, he has now moved his attention to business and entrepreneurship. The audience in Australia had the opportunity to observe Jordan Belfort in person at his seminar titled “The Truth Behind His Success.” Jordan Belfort is also the host of the seminar “Jordan Belfort’s Straight Line Sales Psychology.” On YouTube, you can find excerpts from a few of his interviews. In 2017, he made some comments on Bitcoin, in which he referred to it as a scam.


Career on TV

During the 1990s, Belfort had a brief stint as a producer, during which he was responsible for the films “The Secret Agent Club,” “Assault on Dome 4,” and “Prey of the Jaguar.” In 2013, he has featured in “The Real Wolf of Wall Street Discusses the Film, Ambition, and Greed,” and after that, he went on to make appearances in a number of talk shows, including “Piers Morgan Tonight” and “The Insider.” Both “The Mike Koenigs Show” and “Inside Edition” were among his most recent public appearances.

It is possible to communicate with Belfort through social media; for example, there are 730,000 people who follow him on Instagram. He uses the site to market his profession, but he also occasionally shares images from his personal life. He is a savvy businessman who uses the platform.


Denise Lombardo Net Worth

Denise Lombardo has an estimated internet really worth of between $7 million and $9 million. 

This celebrity earns her internet worth from her licensed actual property agent profession.

She acquired $3 million from her divorce from Jordan, and a supply claimed it made s giant difference in her net worth.


Jordan Belfort’s first wife and children?

Two kids were born to him and her. Following her allegations of domestic abuse, which were sparked by his issues with drug addiction and infidelity, Belfort and Caridi ultimately divorced. In 2005, they got divorced. 

Denise Lombardo is currently where?

Denise might be right now preoccupied with her profession. She currently resides in Washington and works for the real estate company Prudential Douglas Elliman.

Has Donnie exposed Jordan?

For his own appeal for a lighter sentence, Donnie goes to the FBI with the card to implicate Jordan. For breaking the terms of the deal and betraying Jordan’s trust, Jordan is detained and taken in.


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