Delonte West Arrested In Florida Due To Alleged Public Intoxication Incident

#Roommates, back in January, things were looking very positive for ex-NBA star Delonte West as he was employed and recovering from his substance abuse addiction. Sadly, a recent incident in Florida suggests that his recovery process has hit a roadblock. According to new reports, Delonte West was recently arrested in Florida due to an alleged incident of public intoxication.

@TMZ_TV reports, earlier this week, former NBA player Delonte West ran into an issue in Palm Beach County, Florida, when he was arrested for being combative and publicly intoxicated. The police reports state that Delonte was stopped by Palm Beach County police officers after he was found yelling, cursing, and banging on the doors of the Boynton Beach police station—while holding open bottles of both beer and vodka. He was then ordered to leave and put down the alcohol, which he initially appeared to do, but things took a turn for the worse.

Officers say that instead of complying, Delonte got up and put his hands inside his pockets, which caused one officer to grab his taser. However, once Delonte responded to the verbal commands, he was arrested without further incident, but he reportedly “continued to be belligerent” in the back of the police car. He was arrested at 10:32 PM on October 19th and released on October 20th at 5:46 AM.

As we previously reported in January, Delonte West landed a job at the same facility where he received his treatment for substance abuse. At the time, it was reported that “West now has a job at the Rebound therapy center in Florida, which is the rehab facility he attended. In addition, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban reunited West with his mother in September and has stayed in close contact.”

Currently, no further information regarding his arrest has been released.


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