Chrome is experimenting with new ways of discovering and sharing information.

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We rely on feedback from the millions of people who use Chrome every day when developing new features, and hearing from users allows us to create better features for them. And test builds, like  Chrome’s Beta channel, are some of the most excellent methods for us to receive feedback on new features before they’re launched.

Chrome Beta’s flags and experiments allow you to select which in-development features you wish to try before they reach the main stage. With our most recent Chrome Beta version, you can test out some new features that will allow you to more easily explore, track, and share what you find on the web.

Cards on the New Tab Page help you get things done faster.

Want to find that tax spreadsheet you opened yesterday but don’t want to sift through your history? If you’re signed into Chrome, we’re starting to roll out cards on the New Tab Page that will assist you in taking up where you left off, depending on your browsing history. The cards make it simple to return to previous activities or tasks, such as meal planning, present purchasing, or working on a paper in Google Drive. Enabling the #ntp-modules flag on your machine will allow you to test the functionality. Here are a few examples of how they could appear:

Recipes (#ntp-recipe-tasks-module): When you open a new tab, find recently-visited and related recipes so that you can rediscover that delicious-looking marinara dish and others like it.

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Purchasing Cart (#ntp-chrome-cart-module): Don’t let that offer go away; resume your shopping exactly where you left off. When you take a break or visit other websites, open a new tab to return to your open carts.

Documentation (#ntp-drive-module): Cards on the New Tab Page can help you go back to recently opened documents in Google Drive. They can also assist you in locating relevant docs modified by colleagues, making it simple to tick items off your to-do list.

Continue your search without having to use the back button.

When searching for something on Google Search, you may need to navigate to more than one page to discover what you’re looking for. We’re experimenting with adding a row beneath the address bar on Chrome for Android that shows the remainder of the search results so you can go to the following without going back. You may experiment with this in Chrome Beta by activating the #continuous-search option on Android.

Quotes from the web should be highlighted and shared.

Do you want to share an intriguing nugget from a recent story you read? It’s simple to do so with Chrome with quotation cards. On Android, we’re starting to roll out a new experiment that allows you to build a styled artwork using fascinating words found on websites. You may save these photographs to your computer or share them with others. Enable the #webnotes-stylized flag on your Android phone or tablet to try it out. When you visit a website with this feature enabled, just long hold a bit of text to highlight it, hit Share, then pick a template by selecting “Create card” from the menu.

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