Cardi B & Cuban Doll Have A Brutal War Of Words On Twitter That Includes Subliminal Tweets, Allegations & Plenty Of Receipts

Whew! Roommates, fans on social media were practically glued to their devices trying to catch all the tea between Cardi B and Cuban Doll, after the two initially started are subbing each other on Twitter and it blew up into a full on war of words. It all started after Cuban Doll posted and deleted a tweet saying she “could never be inspired by someone she doesn’t listen to” after fans noticed similarities between her recent animal print photo shoot and Cardi B’s during the ‘WAP’ video.

From there things quickly escalated between Cardi B and Cuban Doll—and somehow Offset found himself right in the middle when Cuban claimed that he tried to sleep with her back in the day. As expected, Cardi wasn’t having it and dug up some past receipts of not only Cuban Doll listening and rapping along to her music, but also an old interview with TMZ showing her denying that she ever met Offset, as well as a DM between she and Cardi where she admitted the same thing.

The ongoing back and forth had Cardi, Cuban and their fans riled up for hours, with the two becoming top trending topics on Twitter. Check out all the tea below, see how it all went down and why the Internet was going nuts!


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