Britney Spears Says She’s Not Feeling Well: ‘Only Thing That Is Similar To This Feeling Is When I Was Pregnant’


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Britney Spears may be getting a little TMI on her Instagram — that is, if she doesn’t want fans getting the wrong idea!

The Work Bitch singer is currently on vacation in Maui with fiancé Sam Asghari, and unfortunately she isn’t having the time of her life like she should be — because she has something upsettingly close to morning sickness!

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Taking to her IG on Monday, she wrote:

“I think I have a small bug … the only thing that is similar to this feeling is when I was pregnant… it’s the nausea that is the worst…”

She continued:

“It’s like I can’t wake up so I go to the gym trying to wake my system up !!! It’s like clock work… I break my first sweat then I go to the bathroom and throw up… it’s absolutely horrible but then I stay at the gym because I don’t want to go home and lay sick in bed”

Needless to say, there are plenty of fans reading this and wondering… could it actually be that she’s pregnant? Multiple comments on the post suggested getting a pregnancy test. We mean, she does have a fiancé, they seem crazy about one another, no one is controlling her body anymore and keeping her from choosing to have more kids. Stranger things have happened, right?

Well, she clearly doesn’t think so. Not only does it clear out by the night when she goes “out dancing” — she’s also been dealing with it for a long time. She explains:

“Dude… this has been going on for a month and if someone has this you’re not alone!!! I’ve lost 2 pounds and that’s a lot for my body…”

Sadly, she can’t even enjoy any healing time in the sun as she complains about the paparazzi getting shots of her “on the balcony with fat rolls.” As she complained:

“I know my body is not perfect by any means but I also know I definitely don’t look like that !!!! Guess I should stay at the gym for 3 hours like Sam does lol … NEVER!!!!”

Girl. Your body IS perfect! And it will always be perfect no matter what because it’s YOURS, the incomparable Britney Spears’! She added:

“I wake up and my body is so little yet the war dog media hiding outside my room put me on defense just like they always have… so if you’re outside my room trying to get another cheap shot of me… please go f**k yourself and leave me alone !!!! I should be able to run around naked if I choose to”

Well, we don’t know about running around naked, but it certainly is a shame that the paparazzi can’t leave her alone, especially given what a rough time she had in the past.

We just hope she feels better soon! See her full posts, including lots of great private pics and video that SHE CHOSE to release (below)!

[Image via Britney Spears/Instagram.]


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