Brian Austin Green Net Worth, Biography: How Rich is the Actor in 2022?

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The estimated value of Brian Austin Green’s net worth as of April 2022 is fifteen million dollars. His acting fees have become his principal source of income ever since he started participating in a number of different television shows.

Actor Brian Austin Green pursued a career in the entertainment industry after giving up his first love, music.

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The actor’s life, both professionally and personally, was like being on a roller coaster during this time period. He is currently in a contented marriage to Megan Fox, whom he calls his “very sexy wife,” and together they are the parents of three children.

Early Life:

On July 15, 1973, Brian Austin Green, also known as “Brian Green,” was born in Los Angeles County, California. His birthplace is listed as “Brian Green.”

Brian Austin Green Net Worth: How Rich is the Actor in 2021?

Joyce Green was his mother, and country and western performer George Green was his father. Joyce Green was also a musician. He led a privileged life while he was growing up in North Hollywood, which is where he was born. It is stated that his genealogy may be traced back to Hungary, Ireland, and Scotland.

North Hollywood High School was where Brian Austin Green completed the formal schooling that was required of him.

As a result of the fact that his father was also a musician, he developed a deep interest in music early in life, and this love quickly expanded to encompass the entire area of performing arts. After that, he became a student at the Hamilton High School Academy of Music, where he received an education in music.

After becoming a member of the Screen Actors Guild at an early age, Brian decided to differentiate himself from the other actors in the industry by adding “Austin” to his name, and he is now known as “Brain Austin Green.”


The first role in Brian’s professional acting career was in a movie that was directed by a fellow student at the University of Southern California.

Brian had his first experience with cameras, and he immediately decided that he wanted to create a career in photography. When we first met him, he was just eleven years old. His first role in a professional production was as Brian Cunningham in the soap opera Knots Landing, which marked the beginning of his career. His performance was enjoyed by a significant number of people, which is a testament to his talent.

Soon after, he was offered a part in the show ‘Beverly Hills, 90210.’ The show was successful and continued to air for almost ten years after it first debuted. It was beneficial to Brian’s growth as an actor and helped him improve.

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While he was working on the series, he started playing music again. He gave rapping a shot and his first album, titled “One Stop Carnival,” was released after he had done so. Brian also tried his hand at DJing, but unfortunately for him, the music industry was not on his side, and the attempt was unsuccessful.

In the television series “Knots Landing: Back to Cul-de-sac,” Brian Cunningham played the part of “Brian Cunningham,” which he previously played in the original series. After he finished filming “Beverly Hills 90210,” he was cast in supporting roles in a number of different television shows.

The television series Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles features one of his most well-known works and can be seen on many different platforms. At first, he was given a part that was only intended to be temporary; nevertheless, due to the popularity of his character, his role was extended.

In addition, Brian Green has made cameo appearances on a number of television shows, including CSI: Miami, Smallville, Desperate Housewife, and a few others.

Awards & Achievements:

Throughout the course of his career, Brain Green has made guest appearances on a number of different television shows. The actor gained a lot of recognition not just for his appearances in “Beverly Hills 90210” and “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles,” but also for his performances in both shows.

“Beverly Hills 90210” and “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles” both aired on Fox. His most cherished achievement would be winning the “Young Artist Award for the series Beverly Hills 90210.”

Personal Life:

Green dated his co-star on Beverly Hills, 90210, Tiffani Thiessen, from 1992 until 1995. Their romance lasted for almost seven years.

In 1999, Green started a relationship with Vanessa Marcil, a castmate from the television show Beverly Hills, 90210 whom he had met in the workplace. They tied the knot in July of 2001, and they welcomed a child in the following year. They had every intention of tying the knot that year, but their relationship fizzled out in 2003.

After first meeting each other on the set of Hope & Faith when they were both 30 years old and she was only 18, Green started dating actress Megan Fox in 2004. Fox claims that Green was first afraid to get involved in a romantic relationship with her because of the significant age difference between them.

Fox explains, “I had to convince him that I was much more responsible and well-spoken and that I had other things to give to the table besides being 18.” “I had to convince him that I had other things to contribute to the table besides being 18.” They announced their engagement in 2006, however, they ended the relationship in February of 2009.

Later on in that year, their home was burglarized by a band of thieves known as “The Bling Ring.” These thieves had originally targeted them with the intention of stealing Fox’s expensive clothing.

Green and Fox made the happy announcement of their engagement in June of 2010, and only a few days later, on June 24, they tied the knot at the Four Seasons Resort located on the island of Hawaii. The Greens have three sons: Noah Shannon Green, Bodhi Ransom Green, and Journey River Green.

Noah was born on September 27, 2012, and Bodhi was born on February 12, 2014. (born August 4, 2016). Fox submitted her petition for divorce from Green on August 21, 2015, just a few days after the couple had proclaimed that they were no longer together. They made up in the early part of 2016. On April 25, 2019, Fox submitted a petition for the dissolution of marriage in Los Angeles, California.

After nearly ten years of marriage, Brian Austin Green and Fox made the announcement that they were divorcing in May of 2020. In November of 2020, Fox submitted her petition for divorce from Green for a second time. On October 15, 2021, the divorce was finalized between the two of them.

Green has been romantically involved with the dancer Sharna Burgess since October of the year 2020. On February 4, 2022, they shared the news that they were expecting their first child together with the world.


Green dated the actress Tiffani Thiesson, who was also a cast member on Beverly Hills, 90210, from the years 1992 through 1998. In 1999, he began a relationship with Vanessa Marcil, who was also a cast member on Beverly Hills 90210. After some time, they became engaged, and then they had a son, but in 2003, they broke up their relationship.

Brian Austin Green Net Worth: How Rich is the Actor in 2021?

In 2004, Green began a romantic relationship with the actress Megan Fox. Despite the fact that they got engaged in 2006, they decided to call it off in 2009.

One year later, they revisited their intentions to get married, and not much longer after that, they tied the knot in Hawaii. Despite this, they got a divorce in 2015.

In 2016, the pair demonstrated that their relationship still had a significant amount of growth potential by reconciling after a period of separation. In the year 2020, they made the decision to publicly proclaim their separation. They have been together for a long time and over that time they have managed to have three children.

Real Estate

Fox and Green paid a total of $2.95 million for a house that they purchased in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles in the year 2009. They received $3.75 million for the sale of this home in 2014. The process of Brian and Megan’s decoupling began in 2016, and one of the steps involved was selling off some of their real estate assets. They were able to sell two homes in the Los Angeles area for a total of $3.2 million and $1.299 million respectively.

After Megan and Brian got back together in the latter half of 2016, they purchased a brand-new property in Malibu that was two acres and cost $3.3 million. Cynthia Pett-Dante, who is the manager of Brad Pitt, was the seller (wife of comedic actor Peter Dante). Megan filed a lawsuit against Cynthia in 2018, seeking 5 million dollars in damages, stating that Cynthia had failed to disclose a major mold problem that existed in the home.

Brian Austin Green Net Worth

At the beginning of the year 2022, it is anticipated that Brian Austin Green’s personal worth would be close to $8 million.

Megan Fox, his ex-wife, and he had a combined Brian Austin Green Net Worth of ten million dollars when they were married. During the time that Brian and Fox were going through their divorce in 2016, they sold their home in Los Angeles for $2.6 million and purchased a new home for $1.299 million. In 2016, following their reconciliation, the couple bought a 2-acre home in Mailbu that was valued at $3.3 million.

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