Assassin’s Creed Odyssey To Kill or Not To Kill?

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So here I’m going to discuss “Assassin’s creed odyssey to kill or not to kill”. Below is everything you’ll need to beat the mission To Kill or Not To Kill in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.


Assassin’s Creed Odyssey To Kill or Not To Kill?

To begin this quest you have to meet with Myrrine and Brasidas at the border of the Golden Fields and the Smuggler’s wooded area in Arkadia. while you technique the rock face where they’re situated, use Ikaros to discover their unique location. As you attain the pinnacle, you’ll discover that they may be in reality no longer there. rather, a bounty hunter is looking forward to you. After a quick change of phrases, you will need to defeat him in combat.

He isn’t a particularly difficult opponent, but you must avoid his unique attacks while the usage of heavy attacks weaken his defend defense. whilst you expend his health to close to 0, he’s going to yield and you may query him. you will have the option to apply forceful speech or be more diplomatic. using forceful speech will result in a fight to the death at the quiet of your questioning, whilst the diplomatic technique will allow the bounty hunter to retain roaming the arena. anything making a decision, you may now discover Myrrine and Brasidas on a hilltop southwest of your location.

“Assassin’s creed odyssey to kill or not to kill“When you arrive in the area wherein Myrrine and Brasidas are waiting, you need to decide on the method through which you’ll cope with the cultist Lagos. Following the advice of Myrrine results in speedy final results and the instant demise of Lagos, however, this comes at the expense of stability in the area. it’s far counseled that you concentrate on Brasidas to ensure that Lagos’ innocent own family are saved. if you have made your choice, the search completes.

Time to go to Arkadia and meet with Myrrine and Brasidas. go to the assembly spot and you will stumble upon a mercenary. The verbal exchange ends with a fight. Win and then talk with the man. you can tell him that will help you discover your mother or you could threaten him. After that, you can persuade him to cooperate or you could preserve forcing facts out of him. Your selections determine whether or not the person allows you or needs to be killed.

You research where Myrrine is. communicate together with her and with Brasidas. The characters decide the way to kill any other Cultist of Kosmos. you can pick out Brasidas’ or your mom’s plan. This desire determines what the next quest will seem like. Rewards: 16200XP.

That is Brasidas’ plan. Communicate with the person. After that, you have to overhear the communique. move a piece to the north. quickly, you may attain the Cultists. Kill them and lose the prisoner.

You are going to meet your mom and Brasidas in Arkadia. Atop the hill they desired to satisfy you, you’ll find a mercenary who says Brasidas paid him to inform you in which they’re. however, someone else paid him more to kill you, so he’ll assault.

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After your combat, he’ll tell you where your mom and Brasidas are. After the hunt is carried out, he might be at 1/2 health in case you want to finish the process. he’ll drop a be aware implying either he might understand you would kill him, or he did now not pay this man.

Now you could cross locate them close to Tegea. at some point of your verbal exchange, you may be requested to facet with both Myrinne or Brasidas, however, do not worry, this preference does not remember currently. you’ll make the selection later. I advocate siding with Brasidas, as his side quest could be very crucial.


White Lies and Blackmail

This quest starts off evolved without delay after ‘To Kill or now not to Kill’ if you selected to comply with the plan of Brasidas. Make your way to the residence of the Archon to useful resource Brasidas in his research. After a brief alternate, a civilian and a cultist will technique the house. once you’ve got overheard their communique, observe them north to The Scorched Tree to research extra approximately the contents of the letter that become mentioned.

As you method the drop-off factor, you will kill cultist guards before you could free the prisoner. The guards are widespread and could no longer be tough to defeat. After talking with the prisoner you may be attacked with the aid of three more cultist guards. once more, they may be no longer hard opponents and you may cope with them easily through the use of AoE special assaults. as soon as they may be all dead, make your way to the hideout to the east. whilst you attain the doorway the quest may be whole.


Now which you have reached the hideout, you will bounce down a mine shaft that allows you to get admission to the doorway. As you enter the cave, look south to find a small crack in the wall, from which you may be able to discover a room packed with loot. After that, progress further into the cave and defeat any cultist guards that you come upon. There should simplest be one alongside the tunnels inward.

While you attain the location where Lagos’ own family is being held, you may discover three guards sound asleep on the floor. Kill them with stealth assaults and then unfastened the circle of relatives from the cages. speak with Lagos’ wife to initiate a talk. After persuading them to locate Brasidas and stay with him until further observation, the quest will whole and you could go away the cave the way you entered.


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