8 Absurd Things Celebrities MUST Stop Doing!

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Celebrities or famous people live in a different world, no matter how humble they appear to be. They don’t have any anonymity because of which they can’t do normal things. The list includes buying their own groceries or visiting a nearby retail outlet for Spectrum bill pay. They have to be careful about what they say, how they appear, and what places they go to.

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Fans look up to the celebrities they adore. Amidst the lockdown, and in general, celebrities have done some weird things that are annoying, unacceptable, and somewhat absurd. Here is a brief take on things celebrities and famous people do casually and MUST avoid doing:

1: Talk About Politics

We all know celebrities live in their own bubble and they are not even remotely aware of what a normal person is going through in their life. They usually don’t have any real understanding of politics either. Hence, if they have an opinion about politics based on their little knowledge, it’s best to keep it to themselves. There is a good chance they say something they don’t mean and offend their fans.

2: Asking to Donate Money

Many of us already have an organization or two we send our donations to regularly. When a multi-millionaire celebrity asks everyone to donate without pledging or demonstrating that they are also donating, they come out as tone-deaf. They fail to take into account the fact that most people are living from paycheck to paycheck. And among the pandemic, many were laid off from their jobs.

Pharrell Williams received a lot of backlash upon tweeting and asking people to donate to the healthcare staff. It was an insensitive move. First off, don’t ask for a donation. If you must, donate yourself too. Match the donations like Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher did when they asked people to donate to Ukraine during the war.

3: The Brave No-Makeup Selfies

Most celebrities are botoxed. They get regular facials and some of them have gotten permanent surgeries too. When such people post their no-makeup selfies, it’s not bold at all.

BRAVE means waking up three minutes before you forget you had a zoom call with your boss, putting on some dry shampoo, wearing a blouse on top of your shorts, applying lipstick, and appearing on the screen.

4: Showing off Their HUGE Mansions

Celebrities are privileged people with massive mansions. It’s a little tone-deaf for them to post pictures of their lavishly decorated home. Nobody likes to hear them complain about how bored they are from the side of their pool, gym, or cinema room.

5: Posting Just About Anything!

Famous people need to understand that in this day of social media enlightenment, not all of your opinions need to be posted online. In fact, less is more.

Unfortunately, lots of celebrities Tweet whatever they have on their mind. Some delete it immediately but then it was on the internet and one of the fans saw it and probably even took a screenshot. It’s out there. People are going to talk about it and may even send hate messages. When that happens, the celebrity either has to apologize publicly or they lose respect forever!

6: Feeding the Haters

We all have haters. It is said that you are something wrong if everyone likes or agrees with you. But it’s past time for you to stop responding to whatever the trolls are saying about you. You are simply exacerbating the hater’s desire for your attention!

7: Denying Their Relationships

This has happened a lot. Celebrities are spotted in public, fans speculate, they deny their relationship, and then a few weeks or months later.

Fans get to hear the words “we’re just friends.” Now that it’s 2022, let’s either clarify the relationship or quit dragging them around everywhere while denying who they are. Honestly, just admit that you’re together.

8: Following and Then Unfollowing People

It’s fine if you were not already following someone to unfollow them. But even if you were, how about realizing that doing so isn’t cool? There is so much more out there than this. Stop unfollowing people because of a rift or disagreement.

With that being said, the tabloids need to stop writing articles about how celebrity X unfollowed celebrity X. Write about something else, something meaningful. Something that people actually care about!

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