6 Groom Cakes That Will Make Your Wedding Awesome !!

6 Groom Cakes That Will Make Your Wedding Awesome !!

For years, the groom has been a mere sideshow at the wedding. His job has been limited to looking polite and saying ‘I Do’ at the appropriate time. The wedding ceremony has long been the stronghold of the bride. But not anymore. With the resurgent trend of the groom’s cake, the man of the hour finally has something to express himself at the wedding. But what should the groom’s cake at your wedding be about? If you are the guy order cake online Gurgaon for himself at the wedding, this can be as simple as making a list of your interests and hobbies and getting it designed around one of them.

Add some levity to your wedding reception with a groom’s cake. It is a special cake which is made to reflect the interests of the groom, and it is almost always somewhat humorous (if only because it is sculpted to look like an object). A groom’s cake is also a fantastic way to make sure that the groom does not get overlooked at the wedding, and it makes a lovely gift from the bride. Get inspired by these awesome ideas for groom’s cakes.

1.  Animals are a favorite theme for a groom’s cake. Does your fiance have a beloved pet? Ask your baker to sculpt a lifelike cake in the image of his dog, cat, fish, or reptile. This is a great way to include a special pet when they cannot attend the wedding. All sorts of animals can be used for groom’s cakes, not just pets. If your fiance is the kind of guy who loves hunting so much he gave hunting theme groomsmen gifts to his ushers, a cake made to resemble a deer would be ideal. Or create a deep-sea fishing theme cake complete with a cake boat. It will be a wonderful surprise to send cake online to your new husband at the wedding!

2. Sports are another top theme for the groom’s cake. It could be as simple as a cake in the form of a football or baseball, but many times the design is much more elaborate. Did your fiance pick out mugs with the Boston Red Sox logo for his groomsmen gifts? Then have his cake made to look like Fenway Park. Or order a cake in the shape of his team mascot or with their logo on it. Sports theme cakes are sure to be a hit with all of the male guests at the wedding reception.

3. For guys who play sports or have athletic hobbies, this is a natural cake inspiration. How fun would it be to make a little cake that looks like a sailboat or a surfboard? You could make a running shoe cake for the marathoner or a softball and glove cake for the company softball team star. Many of the groom’s cakes have been made with a golf theme.

4. Special interests are always fair game for the groom’s special cake. If your guy loves poker, how about a poker theme cake? Perhaps he is into video games – have the cake made to look like his favorite gaming console. Sometimes the bride will order a cake based on the groom’s profession, such as a police car cake for a police officer or an airplane cake for a commercial pilot. Military branches, fraternities, and favorite cars are other popular ideas for the cake theme.

5.  Some of the most hilarious groom’s cakes are those which look like food. The enormous cheeseburger or larger-than-life plate of nachos made from cake and frosting is always a sight to behold. There is something just a little bit gross about the food theme cakes but in a very appealing way. Cakes made in the shape of six-packs are also popular. Since every guy has a favorite food or drink, this is always a good source of inspiration if nothing else comes to mind. The best part about the groom’s cake is that anything goes. Even at the most formal wedding, you can still have fun designing a very goofy cake for the groom.

6.  Cake themed after rollercoasters, musical instruments, and other crazy, fun-filled things are also good ideas. If you want to be truly adventurous, why not get a rollercoaster themed cake with bright colors and audacious toppings? How about a cake that looks like a guitar or a saxophone? If your man likes flying, why not something that resembles an aircraft? The wilder and crazier you go with the groom’s cake, the better. The possibilities are endless. Designers these days can create anything that you imagine. So why not to order cake online over the top and make the groom’s cake a memorable part of your wedding?

To conclude, the groom’s cake is one of the most wonderful wedding trends that has emerged in the past few years. Weddings have too long been dominated by the bride, and for once, the groom has a say in the entire wedding ceremony.


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