5 Movies To Watch During This Cuddly Winter Season

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A mug full of hot chocolate, a bowl of plain salted popcorn, a snuggly warm rug, and your favorite person (or a dear pet, for me) under the sheets already set the mood for a long winter night movie marathon.

However, the biggest trouble for any movie marathon is deciding what to watch. Going through IMDb ratings and watching trailers to find out which movie to start can actually leave you with a mug full of cold chocolate and a bowl full of soggy popcorn.

To get rid of this burden, we have compiled a list of 5 movies, each hailing from different genres, to start your winter night movie marathon.

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List Of 5 Movies To Get Started

Here’s a list of 5 great movies from different genres that can get you started with your winter night movie marathon—

The Shining

If you’re up for some horror and chilly moments, The Shining is your kickoff!

Shelley Duvall and Academy Award winner Jack Nicholson are the leads in Stanley Kubrick’s frightening adaptation of Stephen King’s bestselling horror book.

In the Rocky Mountains, writer Jack Torrance (Nicholson), who has a history of child abuse and drinking, accepts a position as the hotel’s winter caretaker. He, his wife (Duvall), and his young psychic son will be stranded there until spring.

The cumulative effect of the horrible actions carried out at the hotel, however, starts to drive Jack insane after the first snowstorm seals the road out. His wife and son may now be trapped in this eerie psychosis, memories, and family violence with no way out.

The Mountain Between Us

Have you ever fancied being stuck in a cold arid land and falling in love with a stranger?

Two strangers are forced to cooperate in order to survive the harsh conditions of the isolated, snow-covered environment following a fatal plane accident while stranded on a mountain.

They set out on a risky trip over hundreds of miles of the wilderness after realizing that aid is not on the way, pushing one another to survive and find their inner power.

This movie can get you a happy ending, chilly vives, and struggles of survival all at once.

Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Stone

It’s the easiest option for all Potterheads out there. However, even if you’re not one and looking for a magical wintery vibe, The Sorcerer’s Stone should be your choice.

The first Harry Potter film is without a doubt the finest one to see over the holiday season. The awe of childhood, which immediately transfers to sentiments of a mystical Christmas, is well captured in Sorcerer’s Stone.

You link Harry Potter with Christmas because of this movie. Some can deem the film’s tone immature, yet it’s not bad to feel happy as a youngster. The type of vibe you’d like throughout the Christmas season is the lightness, charm, and general magical astonishment of a young person enrolling in a magic school for the first time.

Happiest Season

Coming out at Christmas can be a thing if you decide to watch Happiest Season at the start of winter.

Meeting her girlfriend’s family for the first time was already a daunting task for Abby (Kristen Stewart). Realizing that Harper (Mackenzie Davis) didn’t come out to her family yet, was a cherry on top.

Abby begins to question the girlfriend she assumed she knew when she looked at her amidst strange people with a stark class difference.

From hearty moments to fun-filled comedy, Happiest Season is one great movie to set the winter mood for queers looking for an easy heart-filling movie ending.

Home Alone

What can be more Christmassy than Christmas itself? Home Alone plunges you right into Christmas and winter, no matter when you watch the movie.

Home Alone is set on the days leading up to Jesus’ birthday and is full of frivolous revelry, sentimentalism, music, and snow.

Everything about the setting is perfect for a movie that masterfully exploits Christmas as a narrative engine to drive a compelling comedy-action drama.

This explosive film is still making waves, although it isn’t what you could call a “timeless” film because it looks rather old. But in reality, that simply affirms its position as the most fantastic Christmas film ever made.


If you are still confused, you can also consider some classics like The Holiday, The Revenant, Winter’s Bone, The Grand Budapest Hotel, It’s A Wonderful Life and many others.

With this list, you can kick start your movie marathon for the cold winters and snuggle under the sheets.

If you have any additional suggestions, please leave us a comment below.



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