200 Cinematographers Call For Ban On Functional Firearms On Sets – Deadline


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Dozens of Hollywood’s most prominent cinematographers banded together today to put a thoughtful argument behind a simple plea: “ban all functional firearms on set.”

Among the 200 signatories to the group statement of purpose were DPs Greig Fraser (Dune), Rachel Morrison (Black Panther), Ed Lachman (Carol), Mandy Walker (Mulan) and Alice Brooks (In the Heights). While the collective effort was not taken under the aegis of the American Society of Cinematographers, its Governor Stephen Lighthill also signed.

The campaign, which spread across social media, was a reaction to the tragic shooting of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins by actor Alec Baldwin on the set of the film Rust on October 21.

Since Hutchins’ death, much speculation has focused on how a potentially live round found its way into the Colt .45 Baldwin was handed — and told was safe — on set. But the message today from Hutchins’ comrades in art was that, even before considerations of live ammunition, there should be no working guns on set. That would render live vs. non-live ammunition concerns moot.

“We vow to no longer put ourselves and our crew in these unnecessarily lethal situations,” their statement read. “We have safe alternatives in VFX and non-functional firearms.”

It continued: “We won’t wait for the industry to change. We have a duty to effect change within the industry ourselves.”

Hutchins’ peers vowed “not to let her death be in vain.” As a result, they called for “immediate action from our union leadership, our producers and our lawmakers to affect unified change on our behalf.


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